Rescuers told about the search for teenagers missing in the Poconos

© Photo : courtesy of the Ministry of emergency situations Russiamoscow and rescue operations in the waters of Ladoga lakeRescuers told about the search for teenagers missing in the Poconos© photo : courtesy of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia

Nearly 300 square kilometers of water area of lake Ladoga was examined by the specialists of EMERCOM in the pitkäranta district of Karelia, where the boat capsized with five teenagers, reported RIA Novosti on Thursday representative of the operational headquarters on the spot.

The boat in which were five teenagers 15-17 years old (four boys and a girl), capsized in the Bay Impilahti in the Ladoga lake on June 19. The two teenagers managed to escape, the fate of three is unknown. The incident occurred a year after the tragedy at the Syamozero, where he drowned 14 children from summer camp.

«Since the beginning of searches of the surveyed 295 square kilometers of water area, for the last day — 10 square kilometers», — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, teams on the ground continue to survey the coast in the area of emergency. All already tested over 80 kilometres of coastline, including seven in the past day. On Thursday it is planned to continue search operations involving aircraft, boats, divers with special equipment and remote-controlled machine with side-scan sonar, as well as the ground group.

According EMERCOM of the Russian Federation, to search works now attracted 130 people, including three divers, as well as 34 units of equipment, including one aircraft and 12 vessels.

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