Russia will react harshly to provocations Moldova against diplomats

© Sputnik Moldova/Miroslav Waterpools of Russia in Moldova. Archival photoRussia will react harshly to provocations Moldova against diplomats© Sputnik Moldova/Miroslav Rotar

Russia will continue to firmly and adequately to react in case of provocations by Moldova in relation to the Russian diplomats, has declared in interview to the newspaper «Izvestia», the state Secretary, Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin.

The Russian Embassy in Moldova on 29 may received a note about the announcement of five Russian diplomats persona non grata in the country. As stated by the Prime Minister of the Republic Pavel Filip, the decision is made on the basis of information received from intelligence agencies. In response, Moscow sent five Moldovan diplomats.

According to Karasin, the incident reflects primarily the severity of the political struggle in Chisinau around the prospects of relations with Russia.

As stressed by Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Moscow clearly separates those «who are behind this provocation» and the vast majority of ordinary citizens of Moldova, «which kindly refer to Russia.»

«Ready to interact with all the sane, constructive-minded political forces in Chisinau and, of course, government agencies. But on provocation, such as the recent, will continue to react harshly and adequately», — said Karasin.