Russian exports to the middle East you need to withdraw beyond the conflict, consider in CSR

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotoracconti flag in red square. Archival photoRussian exports to the middle East you need to withdraw beyond the conflict, consider in CSR© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

Russia has the possibility of increasing exports to Syria and other Middle East countries, in this regard, the policy of Russia should be moved outside of the dominance of the military-political agenda; to create a regional security system of Russia could take the initiative of organizing an international conference on security in the middle East and North Africa, says the report of the Center for strategic research (CSR).

«Engaged in the Syrian conflict, Russia has significantly increased its military presence in the region. Russian criticism of foreign interference in the revolutionary processes of the individual States of the region appears warranted. At the same time, Russia should move beyond the Syrian problem. It is advisable to take the initiative on creating the regional security system. Such an initiative should be developed at the expert level and agreed with key partners of Russia in the region», — the report.

The first step in this initiative, experts say, could become «the organization of the international high-level conference on security in the Middle East and North Africa».

«The strategic objective should be the creation of effective regional institutions, whose main goal would be to promote peace, conflict resolution, the fight against radical Islamism. Peace in the region is the key to its economic recovery. Russia must vigorously promote the end of the civil war in Syria, attracting regional and extra-regional States to engage constructively in this process», — stated in the report.

The article emphasizes that Russia’s policy in the middle East should take us beyond the dominance of the military-political agenda: the Russian Federation has opportunities for increasing exports to the countries of the region, we need a systematic inventory of Russian projects and proposals for the region.

«The opportunities for economic cooperation are under-utilized. Infrastructure problems hamper the development of promising commercial relations. It is advisable to work out at the expert level together with by the partners the possibility of establishing new free trade zones with the countries of the region», — stated in the CSR report.