«Stopped heart»: from «Ivan» Oleg Yakovlev

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry to Korobeynikova in fotobanka-group Ivanushki International. Archival photo«Stopped heart»: from «Ivan» Oleg Yakovlev© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Korobeinikova to the photobank

The ex-soloist of group «Ivanushki International» Oleg Yakovlev, who worked in the team for 15 years, died on Thursday at 48 year of his life, his untimely death shocked friends of the artist and his former bandmates. A farewell ceremony will be held on Troekurov cemetery on 1 July, and the Golden hits of late 90s «poplar fluff» and «bullfinches» will remain in our hearts and memory forever.

That Yakovlev died in a Moscow hospital after a long illness, reported RIA Novosti on Thursday, the civil wife of the artist Alexander Kutsevol. In late June, the singer was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia.

«Today at 7:05 am Oleg’s heart stopped… we All prayed for his recovery. Now — for the repose of his soul… saying goodbye to a friend and the artist will be held on 1 July at 12:00 at Troekurov’s house necropolis,» — said Kutsevol on the artist’s page in Facebook.

«Small» from «Simons»

«Died Oleg Yakovlev. My Yasha… Our «little» Olezhka… Fly, Snegirek, your voice and songs in our heart forever…» — wrote the soloist of group Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo in Instagram.

Soloist «Ivanushki International» Oleg Yakovlev began in March 1998, after for a solo career, the band has left Igor Sorin. In the autumn of the same year, Sorin, who worked with «Ivan» with the founding of the group in 1995, was tragically killed.

Hit «poplar fluff» was the first song that was performed by Yakovlev together with Kirill Andreev and Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova. Then it sang the song «Snegiri», «Golden clouds», «Beznadega Tochka ru». In 2013, Yakovlev resigned from the team – also for his solo career.

«In life he was a very private person. Always correct and polite. No conflict. It was revealed on the stage. He was helped by rich imagination, fine mental organization, natural musicality» — says the teacher Hope Arnault.

According to the recollections of teachers Yakovlev studied brilliantly at the end received a diploma and started working in the Irkutsk puppet theatre «Aistenok». After Irkutsk was the capital of GITIS, having finished it, Yakovlev served in the theater Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. Dzhigarkhanyan, in conversation with RIA Novosti expressed his condolences in connection with untimely death of the artist.

«It is very sad that Oleg died so early. And especially sad to realize that nothing you do can help. Unfortunately, we with Oleg have not communicated. But, of course, mine my most sincere condolences in the passing of a remarkable artist,» said Dzhigarkhanyan.

In the Dzhigarkhanyan theater actor participated in performances of «the Cossacks», «twelfth night», «the lion Gurych Sinichkin».

Actress Irkutsk youth theatre Elena Makhmutova (Grishchenko) studied on the same course with Yakovlev, they have long been close friends. «I can’t believe he’s gone! I know that he was going to start a family. Very much like a family, but he himself a child facing difficult father never knew, mother for a long time was seriously ill, he lacked, of course, of warmth, of love, hence, perhaps, his craving for solitude,» said the actress.

According to her, Yakovlev never complained about the difficulties, problems, illness, was kind, responsive and not «star».