The cold war Museum in Poland ready to take the dismantled monuments

© Photo : an account of the movement «Kursk» in the network FacebookПамятник Soviet soldiers in Mikolin, Poland. Archive photo<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/06/e8388d1a03952eacb918e342630bfc94.jpg" alt="The cold war Museum in Poland ready to take the dismantled monuments” />© Photo : an account of the movement «Kursk» in the network Facebook

Dismantled monuments from the Soviet era will exhibit at the Polish Museum of the cold war, said the President of the Institute of national remembrance Jaroslav Sarek on Thursday in Warsaw.

Monuments will be shown in the Museum of the cold war «3001 Podborskaya», located on the North-West of Poland. This Museum operates on the territory of former military unit of the Soviet army, where at one time stored nuclear munitions. The exhibition is on an area of 300 hectares – the barracks and two warehouses of nuclear weapons.

«I want to enrich the exposition of the Museum is another element. Want to show the history of Soviet propaganda during the cold war. We have a lot of propaganda sites – we want to close them in the atomic warehouse and at the same time to demonstrate,» — said the Director of the Institute.

«Our goal is to show the history of these monuments as they are created, how they were built, then show the struggle of these monuments. The poles did not accept these monuments,» he said.

Sarek noted that the local authorities will be able to donate to the Museum monuments. «If someone wants to transfer the monument from which it wants on its territory…» he said.

According to the organizers of the exhibition, the Museum will demonstrate «the full range of propaganda activities of the Polish people’s Republic», in particular «monuments, barrows, columns, busts, obelisks».

The Polish Parliament adopted amendments to the law on de-communization, which involve the demolition of around 500 monuments, «glorifying communism». It is expected that monuments will be dealt with after consultation with the Institute of national remembrance, the law will not apply to facilities installed in cemeteries and are not put on public display.

The Russian foreign Ministry in this regard noted that the actions of the Polish authorities provoke a further aggravation of relations between Moscow and Warsaw.

The cold war Museum in Poland ready to take the dismantled monuments© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Podwyzki Bulldozer itching