The construction of the bridge in the Crimea came to peak power

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polynicotinate in fotomonsterflash railway part of the bridge Kerch in the Crimea. Archival photoThe construction of the bridge in the Crimea came to peak power© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polynicotinate the image Bank

The construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait became the peak power, the willingness of the major structural elements of the road reaches 70%, said the head of fku uprdor «Taman» (customer project) Roman Novikov.

«The construction has reached its peak capacity. Involved about 1500 various means, including more than 100 cranes of different capacities. At the facility employs more than 8 thousand construction workers and 1,500 technical workers. The bridge, incidentally, built almost 600 of the Crimean people is one of the highest rates given the fact that the project involves residents from different regions of Russia», — said Novikov in the framework of the fourth Crimean transport forum in Alushta.

According to him, if to speak about the road part, then the average implementation can be estimated at 70%. For pile foundations of road supports the implementation of 98%, left to submerge about 50 Trebova. At the pillars – a little more than 80% have yet to form 45 pieces – and they are all high, sea. For transient structures – about 60% of the project installed, the slab is almost 40%.

He stressed that the construction is carried out in accordance with the approved schedule.

The bridge across the Kerch Strait that will link Crimea and Krasnodar Krai, will be the longest in Russia — its length is 19 kilometers. The beginning of the movement of vehicles on the bridge is scheduled for December 2018.

The construction of the bridge in the Crimea came to peak powerWhat is the bridge across the Kerch Strait