The government of Udmurtia will start to resettle residents of the barracks in 2018

© Photo : IZHLIFE/Irina Baraabaru on the street Chapaeva in Izhevsk. Archive photoThe government of Udmurtia will start to resettle residents of the barracks in 2018© Photo : IZHLIFE/Irina Burtseva

Power of the Udmurt Republic by the end of the year will prepare the program of resettlement of inhabitants of Izhevsk barracks, among the first owners of the new housing in 2018 will be the woman’s family, which complained to the President of the Russian Federation during the «straight line» to a critical condition of her house, told reporters acting head of the region Alexander Brechalov.

During the «straight line» the inhabitant of Izhevsk Anastasia Votintseva complained to Vladimir Putin that the house in which her family lives, recognized the emergency, but the resettlement was given only on 2029. The President personally came to the woman and instructed Brechalov to the end of the year to relocate 11 families, including the family of Anastasia, as well as the head of state asked local authorities to understand the situation with the barracks in the region.

«By December we will prepare the program and starting in 2018 will move people from emergency houses. All barracks 17. First housing will be provided eleven most needy families with children», — said Brechalov.

The press service of the municipality of Izhevsk report that the city administration together with the government of the Republic will consider various options for the resettlement of Izhevsk citizens from emergency houses, which are recognized as such after January 1, 2012.

«Find more opportunities for resolving the issue. Each situation will be considered individually. I am sure that a number of issues can get in the interaction with the developers, the application of the mechanism of development of built-up areas», — told reporters the head of Izhevsk Yuri Tyurin.

After the alarm history of the house number 33 on travel Chapaeva of Izhevsk became known throughout the country, the SUCK of the Russian Federation in the region began check of observance of the rights of residents of the house are in poor condition. To check and joined the Republican Prosecutor’s office.