The Israeli authorities decided to early release of ex-Prime Minister Olmert

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Radiooperator in fotobabble Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Archival photoThe Israeli authorities decided to early release of ex-Prime Minister Olmert© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Radiooperator the image Bank

The Israeli Commission of pardons agreed to early release of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who more than a year serving a prison sentence for corruption, reports of the Tenth channel of local television.

The retired politician, who turned 71 years, may be released as early as Sunday, if the prosecution does not appeal the verdict.

«Having met this morning, the Commission on the prerogative of mercy… decided one-third reduction in the sentence of the former head of the government. Prosecutors are expected to appeal and ask for a delay in the execution», — said the channel.

Olmert went to prison on charges of accepting bribes for assistance in the construction of prestigious residential complex in Jerusalem. The first ever Israeli Prime Minister, found themselves behind bars, recently faced with a new suspicion in disclosure of state secrets while working with a forthcoming memoir.

Last week he went to the hospital with complaints of pain in the chest area. During the hospitalization, which lasted a few days, a number of Israeli politicians called for early release of ex-Prime Minister, Recalling in particular his services to the state.

The government of Israel he led in 2006 after his predecessor and fellow party member Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke and slipped into a coma. Three-year Premiership, Olmert, who positioned himself as a politician, center-left, was marked by the resuscitation of peace talks with the Palestinians and Syria, the Second Lebanon war, which most Israelis believe failed, and a large-scale invasion of the Gaza strip, which killed over a thousand Palestinians.