The Vatican is reforming all their media before the end of the year

© AFP 2017 / Simon Mapmachine reads the newspaper Catholic Mirror in front of portraits of the Pope in Nairobi, KenyaThe Vatican is reforming all their media before the end of the year© AFP 2017 / Simon Maina

The Vatican towards the end of the year will create a unified communication system by converting all of its information system. This was stated by the prefect of the Secretariat for communications of the Holy see father Dario viganò.

«The reform of Vatican media aimed at the transformation of different information departments of the Holy see in the unified communication system, namely, the largest multimedia portal, which will launch at the end of this year», — quotes its words of Vatican Radio.

He said that reform is the creation from scratch «innovative systems of communication». In the coming months, the Vatican plans to launch a new information portal. Broadcasting will occur in six languages.

Earlier it became known that the Australian police formally charged the head of the Secretariat of the Vatican on economic matters, the Australian cardinal George Pell. allegations of sexual harassment. The cardinal denies guilt. This is not the first such accusation against the Catholic clergy.