US military intelligence equated «Russian trolls» nuclear warheads

© AFP 2017 / Jim WatsonГлава intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense, Lieutenant General Vincent StewartUS military intelligence equated «Russian trolls» nuclear warheads© AFP 2017 / Jim WatsonВладимир Ardev, a columnist for RIA Novosti

The report «Russian Military power» published by the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense (DIA), enumerates the threats to the security of the United States, outbound, in the opinion of this Department, from the Russian Federation. This is the first unclassified report of the US military intelligence over the last 20 years. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, a similar document was published under the title «Soviet military power».

«Unlike the Soviet military machine that stood against the West during the cold war, today the Russian military are on the rise,» — said in the report, where the army of Russia is characterized by «more compact, more mobile and balanced force, capable to carry out the full spectrum of military operations.»

«Over the next decade may appear more confident and able to take decisive action Russia. The US needs to anticipate this and not just react to her actions, and learn how to prevent potential conflicts,» — said in the introductory article, the head of the DIA Vincent Stuart.

According to the authors of the document, the national security strategy of Russia reflects more a military-political course of the Kremlin than the Russian military doctrine, published earlier.

Hackers, trolls and bots

From similar reports twenty years ago, this differs in that a large section of it devoted to the strategy and tactics of information warfare. «Moscow sees the information sector as strategic and critical. The goal is to control its own population and the influence of the potential enemies. Information war of the Kremlin — the main means to win a key player on the world stage,» say the authors of the document.

Military intelligence officers say the variety of means used by Russia in the information war. This, according to them, the Pro-Kremlin news sites and TV channel RT, the radio, and the news Agency Sputnik. And paid online commentators — the trolls, the whole «army» which supposedly contains the Kremlin.

In the service of Moscow and consist of bots, which, unlike the trolls are not real people, and automatically generated characters, who are promoting the needed content. While boasting «great sophistication».

Extreme danger, according to scouts, are the Russian kibervoyska, which aim «to penetrate into closed computer networks of other countries to steal information, carry out hacking attacks, hampering the work of state institutions, political parties and private companies around the world.»

«In the next few years Russia will give priority to upgrading existing systems of communication, navigation and monitoring the Earth’s surface, continuing to improve their electronic intelligent systems and early warning systems of attacks,» — say the authors of the report.

According to them, Russia has the most advanced today satellite systems to receive terrestrial high definition images. At the same time the number of satellites the country ranks third after the US and China.

Different from similar documents of the cold war in detail, this report of US military intelligence is no different from them in the main: like the Soviet Union once did, Russia appears in this formidable militarist government, successfully expanding and improving their military power. Presumably, the goal remains the same: to impress the politicians who allocate the budget.