Venezuela has frozen the accounts of attorney General and forbade her to leave the country

© AFP 2017 / Federico reggaetronic the police of Venezuela. Archival photoVenezuela has frozen the accounts of attorney General and forbade her to leave the country© 2017 AFP / Federico Parra

The Supreme court of Venezuela has taken a number of interim measures in respect of the Prosecutor General Luisa Ortega Diaz and forbade her to leave the country.

In accordance with the decision of the court on 4 July appointed a preliminary hearing, which is called to give testimony itself Diaz. Also, it is prohibited to transfer control to third parties their property, all her accounts are frozen.

Earlier it was reported that the Supreme court of Venezuela on Tuesday found sufficient grounds to begin proceedings against attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz, which is increasingly opposed to the policies of President Nicolas Maduro and demanded to deprive of eight members of the court immunity.

Request against the attorney General was submitted by one of the deputies of Pro-presidential United socialist party of Venezuela. By law, the only authority that may remove the Prosecutor General, is considered a national Assembly under the control of the opposition.

She informed Diaz filed in the constitutional chamber of the Supreme court the claim with the requirement to deprive the immunity of eight members of the court, but in the lawsuit she was denied. She then immediately filed three lawsuits against the constituent Assembly, which should prepare amendments to the Constitution of the country.

On Wednesday, the attorney General very harshly described the situation in the country. «I think we have state terrorism, where lost the right to demonstrations where the demonstrators are brutally suppressed, where civilians judged by military justice,» said she.