VNIIR work will not stop even in case of transfer of the building of the Institute of the ROC

© RIA Novosti / Michael Mordasova in fotobounce amber troutVNIIR work will not stop even in case of transfer of the building of the Institute of the ROC© RIA Novosti / Michael Mordasova the image Bank

The work of the all-Russian research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography (VNIIR) will not stop even in case of transfer of the Institute building in the property of the Russian Orthodox Church, told journalists the head of Federal Agency for fishery Ilya Shestakov.

Previously, the Patriarchal metochion of the Moscow Alexeevsky monastery went to court with a request to return the Russian Orthodox Church building VNIIR, rebuilt in the Soviet years, from the Church of the exaltation of the cross. At the beginning of June the information appeared that the participants in the judicial process concerning the transmission of the ROC building VNIIR in Moscow preparing a settlement agreement under which it will be transferred within six years

«We understand the desire of the Church to recover a certain historical justice. Of course, the building was rebuilt several times, but there really is features a pre-existing temple. In General we see the situation in a rather positive sense. It is important for us that the Institute was able to continue working. According to the presidential decree, if the monastery will qualify for the institution, the Agency shall within six years provide the Institute with the building of the same quality, character, to provide the repair. We see no problems, the work of the Institute will not stop and will continue,» — said Shestakov.

Previously, the fisheries industry has asked Patriarch Kirill to VNIIR evicted from the building in Moscow. The signatories of the letter point out that the actions of the representatives of the Patriarchal metochion of the Moscow Alexeevsky monastery can lead to the destruction of the world-famous scientific organization, and can lead to loss of reputation for the Moscow Patriarchate. As specified in the document, in VNIIR employs about 500 specialists, over the years created a lab and aquarium systems, which cost hundreds of millions of rubles. The most valuable equipment located on the ground and first floors, not subject movement.

The Moscow arbitration court in October 2016, acknowledged the decision of Rosimushchestvo illegal and ordered the Agency make a new decision on the transfer for gratuitous use of the ROC of the two disputed buildings within one month from the moment the court decision comes into legal force. The decision of arbitration of Moscow has entered into force in January, after the Ninth arbitration appeal court dismissed the appeal filed by him FGUP VNIIR, fishery Agency, Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow and the Agency.

Currently, the court’s decision satisfied the Patriarchal farmstead of the requirements upheld by the court of appeal, the Federal property management Agency, and VNIIR, the Agency has sent the appeal.-0-