The German Bundestag approved the law on same-sex marriage

© Fotolia / pekkic same-sex coupleThe German Bundestag approved the law on same-sex marriage© Fotolia / pekkic

The German Bundestag on Friday passed a law on same-sex marriage. Over 393 deputies voted against — 226, and four abstained. The adopted document is now subject to the approval of the Bundesrat.

The law provides persons with a different sexual orientation the right to register marriages and to adopt children.

Earlier, the Christian democratic Union (253 seats), headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and his longtime partner, the Christian social Union (56 seats) opposed the bill.

Merkel herself said that marriage can only be considered as a Union between a man and a woman. On the talk show on Monday, Merkel made clear that the adoption of this law is not completely rejected.