Residents of Pakistan are transferred to the Russian old believers

© Photo : photo courtesy of the press service of Rescaldina Russian Orthodox old believers ‘ Church in PakistanResidents of Pakistan are transferred to the Russian old believers© Photo : photo courtesy of the press service rpsts

. The first community of the Russian Orthodox old believers ‘ Church appeared in one of the most dangerous countries for Christians — Pakistan, reports the website of the rpsts.

«Priest Cyril Shahzad, performed the rite of anointing in the community in the name of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Sargodha (Pakistan).On this day, the priest Cyril Shahzad joined the Church of Christ 120 people, thus creating the first old believers ‘ community in Pakistan,» the statement reads.

Myself Shahzad was trained in Russia with the help of priests, who know English. In the dignity of priest he was received into the bosom of rpsts in the spring of this year, then immediately went home, deciding to transmit their knowledge to their compatriots.

About 96% of Pakistan’s population are Muslims, Sunni Islam is the state religion. And Christians make up only 1-2%. As a religious minority, they are constantly under attack.

So, in 2009 considerable attention has gained Pakistani case of Asia Bibi. After a dispute with Muslim women she was accused by local religious figure, previously leaning her to accept Islam, in violation of the «Law on blasphemy». In 2010, Bibi, a mother of four children, was sentenced to death. While the death sentence was not executed, but after seven years the woman is in prison.

In April 2017, a crowd beat to death a 23-year-old student of Mashal Khan after there were rumors that the young man allegedly insulted the Islamic religion. Then, authorities arrested 57 people. And in June, a 30-year-old man was sentenced to death for alleged blasphemous comments in Facebook.