«Exhibitionism» and sermon: how priests conduct their own blogs

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in photopanoramas Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church.Archival photo«Exhibitionism» and sermon: how priests conduct their own blogs© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in photobacteria she said

Today, more and more priests are leaving to preach in the Internet. So, the founder of the project «Priest online» Nadezhda Zemskova recently announced the launch of the platform «the Priest-blogger» — «new YouTube channel» in which the clergy would conduct their video blogs.

Zemskova actively advertise their project in social networks. To help her in this volunteered the priest Pavel Korchagin, the author of the YouTube channel «Pop in a jeep». Such cooperation looks strange: the blog Korchagina, many believers have developed a very negative attitude. Them repugnant and illiterate speech of the author, and his manner less behavior in the frame. Criticize and Sarnico «Vkontakte»: punctuation and grammatical errors and «a complete mess «tsya» and «sterile» in the endings of verbs».

While «Pop in a jeep» was just telling about his travels on the Siberian road on the old «Field» and UAZ, all belong to this loyal. But when the priest came to teach people good sense, answering the questions of the project «Priest online», the audience could not stand. Dissatisfied can understand that someone might want to go to confession and pour out the soul of this representative of the Church?

So where is the line for priests in the network? And how to talk to the audience in its perception of the format, not reducing the image of the Church to a level where the only difference between the cleric, the laity becomes the presence of the cross and the robes?

«Aping the commercial networks,»

Today, Patriarch Kirill urged the clergy and laity to participate actively in the information and Internet space, not limited to purely ecclesiastical subjects, «to the philosophical commentary on a wide range of issues.» However, as explained by RIA Novosti, the leading Internet-project «Questions to a priest» in a network «the Jelica mountain» hieromonk Macarius (Markish), the priests needed in his Internet sermons to comply with the measure.

«It’s a free country, you can use whatever technical means, sites. But quite another question — as the priest says, responding, behaving. When he behaves inappropriately in the information environment, the hierarchy in the person of the Bishop should take measures», — said the priest.

According to him, on the shoulders of the priest is «strict liability», as to say he should not of himself, but on behalf of the Church.

«Jargon, ignorance, loss of quality of the Russian language is unacceptable for a priest. It’s one thing if someone asks me if I like some poem I can share my opinion. But if the question is relevant to Church life, no «gag» should not be», — he said.

The monk Makarios prefer the format of the project «Question to the priest,» the Orthodox social network «the Jelica mountain». It differs from other similar Internet resource non-commercial nature.

«The marketplace Internet environment the opposite of Christianity. Aping the commercial networks, which aim to increase the number of viewers and readers, the Church is alien. Blog — diary, exposed for all to see. Speaking of psychological language, it is a form of exhibitionism, when a person shows everyone that writes for themselves. I personally would never call a blogger» — says the priest.
«The blog is a modern Roman road»

But there are other examples. A member of the Missionary Commission at Diocesan Council of Moscow hieromonk Dimitry (Pershin) blog is on Facebook. There he leads with his followers talk about history, about faith, reports Church youth projects, trips, discusses such topical issues as abortion or suicide groups «Vkontakte».

«Important is the tone with which we are communicating. It is the Church’s mission is to maintain a respectful conversation without «getting personal», the use of obscene words, even if we do not always find understanding with people. Church people are ready to talk with everyone in their language, but this dialogue must be built on Gospel grounds,» said the monk.

At the same time, he believes, is the blog format allows more men to the meetings, to find more responses.

The richness of choice of quality does not guarantee

Today in the Internet there are many blogs that are Orthodox priests, but some of them are very popular. For example, there is a You Tube channel of the priest Vladimir Plekhanov for the hearing impaired (he addresses the audience in sign language). The usefulness of such a resource are obvious. And a video blog «Batushka answer», which immediately strikes the reader in the manner of a young priest Alexander Kuchta to Express their thoughts: that his «Church on the drum evolution», it offers viewers «hypnoti (PR-ed) a little». This priest is quite interesting talks on topics of the day. However, he soon expresses his private opinion and often not averse to argue with the statements of other spasenoviceva.

The project «Priest online» (question-answer) at the time was marked by Patriarch Kirill and the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region has called it one of the most successful media initiatives of the ROC.

There is still a hieromonk Alexander (Mitrofanov), in their videoblogg he sometimes frankly shocking the audience, for example, calling all to fast «through videos of cats and vegetables.» Even thinking about insulting the feelings of believers, he uses the video frame. For a normal blogger it is normal, but when this format works the priest, it looks kind of weird.

«Blog — the delivery vehicle of communication. Even in Ancient Rome, was a Roman road, which went by the apostles and preached. So, a blog on the Internet is a modern Roman road. But what and how we witness that depends only on us» — says hieromonk Dimitry (Pershin).


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