In Germany, explained why journalists stripped of accreditation at the G20

© RIA Novosti / Alex Particupate in potencially in the international press center before the opening of the G20 summitIn Germany, explained why journalists stripped of accreditation at the G20© RIA Novosti / Alex Participerait the image Bank

The Federal criminal police office of Germany found it necessary to cancel the accreditation of a number of journalists at the G20 summit in Hamburg, as these people were connected with extremist groups, and also had a criminal record, said at a briefing the official representative of the German Ministry of the interior Tobias plate.

«I want to tell you two or three examples (grounds for withdrawal of accreditation in Hamburg) without identifying specific individuals. For example, it was earlier convicted persons, persons who had connections with the extreme left spectrum, are those who, according to our information, attended Assembly of leaders (informal ultraleft enterprises) of the «Black block,» said Board, adding that one deprived of accreditation of journalists was associated with right-wing extremist group Reichsbürger («citizens of the Reich»).

According to the representative of the interior Ministry, currently criminal police office conducts a re-examination of the reasons for the cancellation of previously issued accreditation, it is still not finished.

The deprivation of accreditation of journalists at the summit of «Big twenty» in Hamburg, to highlight that due to restrictions are unable 32 representatives of the media, provoked a political scandal in Germany. The authorities explain their decision with security issues, and the professional community and the opposition demands explanations.

Earlier in the week, government spokesman of Germany Steffen Seibert said that the previously issued accreditation 32 journalists were cancelled during the G20 summit in Hamburg for safety reasons. This decision was taken by the Department of press under the government of Germany together with the criminal police office and the interior Ministry.

Cancellation of accreditations, which gave journalists the right to enter the press centre of the G20 summit, and also to obtain additional accreditation directly affected nine journalists who were denied passage under control. 23 media listed on the «blacklist» does not appear in the press center, said Seibert.


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