In the state Duma adjourned the meeting due to leaking roof

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorinskaya of the State Duma. Archival photoIn the state Duma adjourned the meeting due to leaking roof© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenko

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya during her speech at the plenary session of the lower house of Parliament said that in the meeting room roof is leaking.

In Moscow on Friday afternoon started heavy rain with thunderstorm.

«I don’t know what we the people consider on the ceiling. The roof is leaking», — said Yarovaya during her speech.

After that first Vice-speaker of the state Duma Alexander Zhukov has declared a ten-minute break.

During the recess the Deputy Chairman of the LDPR faction Yaroslav Nilov told RIA Novosti that although the water flowed from the ceiling, he personally under the drops were not included.

«There the ceiling was leaking water, and this, apparently, adjourned. But I honestly do not know, everything is so messy and it happened fast,» he assessed the situation the Deputy.

After the break the meeting was over, the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin invited the deputies to continue the work «in tough weather conditions.»