#Pogonailo: Facebook stood up for the film by Alexei Uchitel

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In Facebook started a flash mob, calling on users to watch the film by Alexei Uchitel «Matilda». The premiere, telling of a romance between the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and the ballerina Matilda Kschessinska, will take place only after three months. However, the tape has already been the main topic of news due to harsh criticism from the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya and several members of the clergy. The organizer of the flash mob #Pogonailo told RIA Novosti on why he stood up for a movie that nobody saw.

The passion of «Matilda» did not cease for six months. During this time, the discussion around not yet released film by Alexei Uchitel joined the filmmakers, MPs, lawyers, civil society organizations, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, descendants of the Romanovs and ordinary users of social networks. With the question of the fate of the controversial movie actor Sergey Bezrukov even appealed to the President during a «straight line».

The fact that such bitter controversy caused by the painting, which is can be judged only by the trailer and promotional posters, is a concern, the lawyer Artem Kiryanov, first Vice-President of the Youth Union of lawyers of Russia and a member of the Public chamber. With the help of a flashmob in Facebook he wants to remind both sides that before the debate, the film should look.

«The wave that swept through social networks, the media calls extremist, a religious radical calling that picture should be banned, it is necessary to burn cultural institutions, cinemas, which will be the showing of the film, is, of course, very concerned about the legal community. This is contrary not only to formalized law, the Constitution and common sense, the spirit of life today. Let’s start with the simplest — at least watch the movie, because this phrase of our Soviet period «I have not read, but condemn», in my opinion, unacceptable in today’s realities», — said Kiryanov.

In the end, the action was supported not only colleagues, but also unknown users of different ages and professions, who send Kiryanov messages with support. According to the lawyer, the negative reviews he, however, has not received, because the flash mob is for informational purposes only and makes no attempt to change someone’s views on the work of Alexei Teacher or figure of Nicholas II.

«I have no prejudice against the work of the Teacher, I would love to go to the premiere and write about your attitude to the film. I also calmly to the figure of Nicholas II, any prejudice I have for him not. Every creative person has a right to a statement of its position. We do not confuse Leo Tolstoy? Although he is very contradictory, did not adhere to historical facts in many of its descriptions. We do not aim to develop a discussion on historical similarities or differences. There is a desire to reduce the degree of intensity and not to allow any manifestations of extremism, which can actually result in illegal actions on the physical level. This is a scary story when the virtual reality we are moving into reality, and calls are implemented by people who, believe me, it doesn’t matter how accurately the position of art Director has reproduced one or another historical event,» said the author of the flash mob.

© Photo : provided by LLC «Creative-production Association «ROCK»scene from the movie «Matilda»#Pogonailo: Facebook stood up for the film by Alexei Uchitel© Photo : provided by LLC «Creative-production Association «ROCK»scene from the movie «Matilda»

Earlier Alexey Uchitel has repeatedly offered and Natalia Polonskaya, and members of the state Duma Committee on culture to see «Matilda» before the official premiere, to give the picture a rating. The head of the Committee, the Director Stanislav Govorukhin also urged the public not to draw conclusions before the film screening, which will take place in Mariinsky theatre on 6 October 2017.


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