Siberian scientists have proved the possibility of domestication of any animal

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Scientists at the Institute of Cytology and genetics (ICG SB RAS) in Novosibirsk in the course of long-term experiments on foxes, rats and mink proved the possibility of the selection of domestication of virtually all species of animals.

Experiment on artificial domestication (domestication) of animals in Siberia was established by the academician Dmitry Belyaev in 1957. It was designed to simulate the process of domestication of animals, which has created a unique, known worldwide population of domestic silver foxes whose behavior closely resembles the behavior of dogs. The Institute also conducted similar experiments on rats and American mink. Animals were selected and crossed in the sign of goodwill to man and Vice versa, aggressiveness.

«Initially, Fox appeared a new behavioral model, then morphological characteristics (change of colour). It was subsequently shown that animals experience less stress. Also have domesticated is the effect of pedomorphism when an animal keeps kids features up to adult status (povilivanie tail, short muzzle, long-term preservation of children’s behavior, and so on), and thus reproductive function exceeds benchmarks. These indicators are observed in all domestic animals», — told reporters a senior researcher ICG Anastasia Kharlamova.

For example, foxes can say that the experiment about 50 years reproduced historical domestication, which in nature took place about 15 thousand years, she said. Now Fox, selected, 1957-behavioral trait of benevolence to man (about 50 generations) can live in apartments instead of the usual dogs. The experiment at the burrows it was a whole change in 20 generations.

«One of the main conclusions: selection on manual behavior increases the rate and magnitude of variability. For example, coloration. If at first the color was intensely dark, the hand he is not so dark. The first stages of selection for aggressive behavior, on the contrary, are accompanied by hyperpigmentation,» — said senior researcher of the Institute Oleg Trapezov dealing with mink. Then, according to him, the more tame animals appears to be unnatural colour, stains on clothing, but the hair is less rigid, that is, as in domestic animals compared with their wild «relatives».

«When we begin to take away, we are going more and more to Pets. It will not immediately, but they will be more and more. Of course, there are individual characteristics, but animals that did not change I do not know. There are types more amenable to domestication, and there are less. If this were not so, the number of Pets would be enormous,» — he said, noting that Fox’s behavior closer to the dogs and quickly become tame, and mink are similar to cats and their domestication will take more time.


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