The Palestinian leader called on Israel to open temple mount to believers

© AP Photo / Seth WenigПрезидент of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas. Archival photoThe Palestinian leader called on Israel to open temple mount to believers© AP Photo / Seth Wenig

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to restore the access of Muslims to the mosques of the Temple mount, which was closed after the murder of two policemen in this part of the historic centre of Jerusalem, official Palestinian WAFA news Agency.

Law enforcement officers shot and killed Friday morning by three Arab-Israelis, who were eliminated by return fire. In a rare telephone conversation with Netanyahu, Abbas, according to the news Agency, expressed «strong rejection and condemnation» of the armed attack, which affected a religious Shrine revered by followers of Islam and Judaism.

«President Mahmoud Abbas called for the lifting of the Israeli measures on the closure of al-Aqsa mosque for the believers, warning about the consequences of such actions or the threat of their use by anyone to change religious and historical status of the Holy places» — WAFA news Agency. After the attack, the Israeli authorities closed the access to the mosques of the Temple mount, there was canceled the Friday prayer, and authorized the searches below, as stated in the message of office of Netanyahu, to ensure that no weapons.

The Israeli government assured that security measures will not lead to a change in the status quo shrines, where the ruins of the ancient Jewish temples, there are mosques al-Aqsa and qubbat as-Sakhra. «Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized that Israel will take all necessary measures to ensure the security on the Temple mount, not changing the status quo,» — said the press service at the end of the conversation. The status quo assumes that the Temple mount is under the Autonomous control of «Waqf» — the Muslim Foundation property, there can only pray for the followers of Islam and of other religions is freely allowed to visit it.

The events on the Temple mount and even the rumors about the Israel-cherished plans to restore the Jewish presence has become a catalyst for large-scale escalation of the middle East conflict with many casualties on both sides.

WAFA reported that Abbas held contacts with the representatives of Jordan, whose king Abdullah II has confirmed a peace Treaty with Israel, the guardian of the shrines of Jerusalem. The Eastern part of the city including the historical center with the Temple mount, the Jordanians controlled before the 1967 war.


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