«Yandex.Taxi» and Uber do not plan to change tariff policy

© RIA Novostizenit Yandex.Navigator. Archival photo«Yandex.Taxi» and Uber do not plan to change tariff policy© RIA Novosti

«Yandex.Taxi» and Uber do not plan to change the tariff policy after unification of the services into one company, told RIA Novosti.

On Thursday, Yandex and Uber announced the merger of the businesses of online travel arrangements in Russia and also in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan in the new company. The head and founder of the online service taxi Gettaxi Taxi Dave Weiser (Dave Waiser) said that this deal means the end of a price war between «Yandex» and Uber that, in his opinion, could lead to higher prices.

«At the moment we have no plans on changing rates,» said RIA Novosti in the press service of Uber.

In «Yandex» noted that he did not expect any radical changes in tariffs in connection with the business combination of online Uber ride.

According to the deal, Uber and «Yandex» will invest in a new company 225 million and $ 100 million respectively. Created company hand estimated at 3,725 billion dollars. After closing the transaction, 59.3% of the company will belong to «Yandex», 36,6% — Uber, and 4.1% of employees.

The drivers will work on a common platform and will be able to take orders from «Yandex.Taxi», and Uber. The Uber team will join the team of «Yandex.Taxi» and will, in particular, to develop services Uber.


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