Balaton welcomes guests: start swimming competition in open water

© RIA Novosti / Yuri to Bromocrotonate in photobacteria Balaton. Archival photoBalaton welcomes guests: start swimming competition in open water© RIA Novosti / Yuri to Abramushkina the image Bank

Russian national team on swimming on open water begins to struggle for medals of the world championship in water sports.

Competitions for swimmers, marathon runners will take place at the famous lake Balaton in Hungary. In open water swimming during the world championship will be played seven sets of awards, including at the Olympic distance of 10 km.

The composition of the Russian team at the world Cup went Kirill Abrosimov (distance 10 km, 5 km), Eugene Arattsev (10 km, 25 km), Sergey Bolshakov (25 km), Kirill Belyaev (5 km), Anastasia Krapivina (10 km, 25 km), Maria Novikova (5 km), Valeria Ermakova (5 km, 25 km), Daria Kulik (10 km).

The team at the world championship was formed on the basis of qualification of the championship of Russia which passed in Krasnodar Krai.

«The venue for a wonderful swim, the water is very warm, and in principle Balaton is called the most small «puddle» of Europe, the water warms up well. I think that from the point of view of the organization of the Hungarians will do everything at the highest level. Now in the traditional swimming powers, such as Italy and France, there are many young and ambitious athletes, who rush to the podium. It will not be easy», — said a member of the technical Committee of the European swimming League (LEN) Alex akatyev.

It is swimming in open water touched the only change in the program of the world championship in Hungary in comparison with the Kazan 2015. Is swim team, which involved two men and one woman, in the program of the tournament included a mixed relay 4 x 1250 meters. «For me, it will be more spectacular than the swim team where the guys «pulling» the girl, and visually it looked about the same as everything else. Then mixed two by two, and everything else in the format of relays, as in other sports,» said senior coach of Russian national team on swimming on open water Sergey Burkov.

The composition of the baton to the coaching staff of Russian national team will determine on the basis of performance on the individual distance of 5 km away August 15 and will begin a program of competitions in open water, this year’s world championship. This day will be the men’s swim on «the five». Then, on July 16 will be competitions at the Olympic, «ten» in women. After a day of break, competition will continue to swim — one day — 10 km men, 5 km women. July 20 will be a mixed relay, and on July 21st will be the men’s and women’s heats at 25 km.

At the Games in Rio de Janeiro and at the home world Championships in 2015, the Russian team remained without awards. «Unfortunately, something of a slightly swimming in open water slowed down, but I’m sure the situation will be corrected, and our people will win again, and the hymn of Russia will sound again, and the Russian flag will rise above all», — said the five-time world champion Yuri Kudinov.


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