Festival «Moscow summer. Floral jam» is waiting for young talents

© RIA Novosti / Eugene Odinokova landscape compositions of the festival of the summer. Floral jam. Archival photoFestival «Moscow summer. Floral jam» is waiting for young talents© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov

July 20 starts the festival «Moscow summer. Floral jam». For children prepared a very full and exciting program of work with the 3D printer to create a cartoon. In the breaks you can try jam, ice cream, smoothies and other treats, according to mos.ru.

Tverskaya square will turn into a lush blooming garden. There will be a school of horticulture where children will create their own mini garden, rose garden and even astroloba where you grow edible plants and spices. The most active will be invited to a climbing wall and trampolines, and fans of art — school of fine arts classes drawing and painting.

In the «Green market» in the Plaza of the Revolution children will learn to plant flowers. In the animated Chalet «Factory» will hold a master class «Criminogene: scientific cooking show», where children will show all the stages of preparation of the summer Goodies. Still there will be to deliver exciting experiences to create a packaging design, to know what a brand book, and make your own financial plan for the organization and development of the ice cream factory.

In «Sweet lab» in Novopushkinsky Park will talk about the unusual desserts. Guests will prepare a layered cocktail, porous milk, build a house out of biscuits and condensed milk. They will learn about the properties of chocolate and modern technology of its preparation.

To show their talents will be in a summer art school in Tverskoy Boulevard (the area near the monument to Kliment Timiryazev). Here young guests can try yourself in the role of photographer or blogger. And near the monument to Sergei Yesenin, waiting for future programmers and web designers.

About how to come up with cartoon characters, design the backgrounds and stories to tell in «Multitude» on Klimentovsky pereulok.

In the children’s library on the New Arbat, the children are waiting for master classes on flower arranging, Botanical illustration and scrapbooking — the art of design of photo albums. Here will tell about the most current trends in design.

Unusual design Bureau will work at the Kuznetsk Bridge. In the classroom, kids will learn the basics of monumental art, painting on glass, various decoration techniques. Still they will explain what is pop art and street art.

In addition, on the street Khachaturian children will get acquainted with the English language, on the street of Marshal chujkova, French, on Union with the Italian, and on the lavender Boulevard in Troitsk — Portuguese.

At all sites the children can present their work to the competition for the design of packaging of chocolates «Moscow».


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