Forbes: the United States should slam the door to NATO to Kiev

© AFP 2017 / Sergei Erepublican of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during a meeting in Kiev. July 10, 2017. Archival photoForbes: the United States should slam the door to NATO to Kiev© AFP 2017 / Sergei Supinsy

The inclusion of Ukraine in NATO is a bad idea, from which the United States should rather refuse, writes a regular contributor to Forbes, senior fellow at the Cato Institute Doug Bandow.

«With regard to security, Ukraine — «black hole» and its inclusion in the Alliance will not increase protection of Americans. For the Alliance it would be better to firmly shut the door in Kiev, and to dispel all his illusions,» — said the author.

Western officials insist that no «third party» that is Russia in this case should not speak about whether to enter a certain country in a military Alliance or not.

According to Bandow, Ukraine in this case too, does not have voting rights. «NATO needs to incorporate new members only if this increases the security of the Alliance as a whole,» he says.

The recent inclusion in the Alliance of Montenegro, «micro» with two thousand soldiers, who threaten no one, does not help the United States, but not hurt her, according to the author.

NATO argue that the Alliance members meet certain democratic standards, but this rule is not absolute. And Kiev is far from them, says Bandow.

He stressed that «democracy» Poroshenko came to power after the coup against the «legitimately elected, albeit corrupt» President. The oligarchs got the power, and ultra-nationalists — a major share of influence.

«Even the European leaders are unable to ignore the obvious,» he writes later, Recalling the recent call of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to the Ukrainian authorities to actively oppose corruption.

However, if the political problems of Kiev and you can fix the failures in the security sphere there is, he writes, referring to the conflict with Moscow, which together with Ukraine «inherit» NATO. Washington in this confrontation has no place, said Bando.

«Not at stake, no American interests that would justify a confrontation with a nuclear power. Especially when you consider the immediate, serious and obvious interests of Russia,» he writes, explaining that Moscow sees NATO expansion threatened by.

Giving promises to Kiev, the US is creating uncertainty. Instead, Washington and its European allies must tell Ukraine firm «no», then all parties can move on to finding a more practical solution to the Ukrainian conflict.



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