In Buryatia, a woman kidnapped a child from the Playground

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis in fotomasterskaya area. Archival photoIn Buryatia, a woman kidnapped a child from the Playground© RIA Novosti / Alexei Filippoupolitis the image Bank

Investigators in Buryatia opened a case for a local woman who kidnapped a five year old girl from the Playground by offering her sweets; woman arrested, baby returned to the mother, reported on the website of IC Russia.

The fourteenth of July with a children’s Playground in Ulan-Ude missing five year old girl. The mother discovered the disappearance of a child after a short time, and the children playing nearby, told her that a girl from the site took an unfamiliar adult female. The child’s mother appealed to law enforcement agencies. A criminal case was initiated under article «abduction of minors».

Investigators together with the police organized a search of the child. The woman was detained a few hours and her missing child. During a medical examination the child’s injuries is not discovered, the girl was immediately transferred to the mother. The arrested woman was charged.

«The accused woman, passing through the yard of one of houses on the street of Geneva city of Ulan-Ude, on the Playground saw a little girl without supervision. She approached the child, and offering sweets, took the girl to his home in another quarter, situated on the Avenue Builders. In her apartment the woman held the child for about three hours, and then with the girl went to the shopping center «Zarya», near which was detained by the police», — told in the UK.

The motives of the crime being investigated will be tested the mental state of detained.


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