In Scotland have a Golden Retriever puppy was born green

© Fotolia / PhotographyРетриверIn Scotland have a Golden Retriever puppy was born green© Fotolia / Photography

In Scotland the female Golden Retriever gave birth to an unusual puppy. Unlike his brothers and sisters he was mint-green, writes The Sun.

Meet Forest, the green puppy born to a golden retriever

— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) July 15, 2017

As told reporters the dog’s owners, at first they could not believe their eyes, but then found out that it is a natural anomaly. Bright shade is gradually disappearing, and soon the puppy will not differ from relatives.

Unusual shade could give the bile pigment biliverdin, which is contained in the placenta. When mixed with the amniotic fluid, which nourishes and protects the fetus, it is able to paint a coat of your puppy.

Unusual puppy got the nickname forest (eng. Forest – the forest). The owners decided to keep him and his seven brothers and sister will go to other houses when she grows up.

Worldwide known only three cases of birth green dogs. The latter was recorded in February of this year – a puppy born to a brown female Labrador.


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