In the Magadan will arrive historical-geographical expedition «Baikal-Alaska»

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Subtemperate Photobacterium in the city of Magadan. Archival photoIn the Magadan will arrive historical-geographical expedition «Baikal-Alaska»© RIA Novosti / Sergey Subtemperate the image Bank

Residents of Magadan on Saturday will meet members of the historical-geographical expedition «Baikal-Alaska» that started in Irkutsk on March 30, reports on Friday the government of the Kolyma river.

The route «Baikal — Alaska» repeats the path of the founders of the Russian-American company took the 16th place in the ranking, ahead of such tourist routes as «suburban history» (Moscow region), «Russian house» (Ryazan oblast), ski tours in Kamchatka, bear hunting in Magadan region and several others. The leader of the rating became «the Golden ring of Russia» (Vladimir and Suzdal). Historical-geographical expedition «Baikal — Alaska» is among the 25 most popular tourist destinations in Russia according to the compilers of the National tourist rating.

«Magadan is awaiting the arrival of the historical-geographical expedition «Baikal-Alaska» July 15, 2017 in the Park Marine. The expedition follows the path of Russian pioneers and founders of the first settlements in America. The participants overcome this unique route length of more than eleven thousand kilometers for the first time since the sale of Alaska, took place exactly 150 years ago. The route runs along the coast of the Okhotsk sea with a visit to Magadan», — stated in the message.

It is clarified that the participants of the expedition for the first time in 150 years the entire route on a sailing inflatable folding catamaran ocean class. The possibility of Assembly and disassembly of the trimaran allows you to transfer the ship in two the dividing ridge of the Baikal mountains on the North of the Irkutsk region, and the ridge Guldur in the Khabarovsk region, providing a solid walkthrough of the expedition on the same ship.

The route of the expedition «Baikal — Alaska» applies to the six regions of the Russian Federation (Irkutsk and Sakhalin regions, the republics of Buryatia and Yakutia, the Khabarovsk territory and Kamchatka) and Alaska in the USA. All regions expressed their interest in the expedition and supported the project.


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