Media: in the two FSB Colonel arrested for taking bribes

© Photo : AGN «Moscow»Machine SK of a house in the North-East of Moscow. Archive photoMedia: in the two FSB Colonel arrested for taking bribes© Photo : AGN «Moscow»

Two officers of the Central apparatus of the FSB, was arrested on charges of extortion of bribes, the newspaper «Kommersant».

According to the newspaper, the head of one of the services of the Central apparatus of the FSB Andrei Kuternin and his Deputy Alexei Kostenkov received nearly a million rubles from the head of a private security company for the conclusion with it of the contract for 113 million rubles for the protection of objects of the main Directorate for servicing the diplomatic corps (GlavUpDK).

Cotarnine and Kostenkova charged under article «bribe reception in the large size a group of persons holding gosdolzhnosti».

«Both Colonel arrested in Moscow garrison military court that recently at the request of the investigation extended to them the measure of restraint», — the newspaper writes.

As notes the edition, the General Director of «chop «Unit-1» Gleb Snitsarev addressed in Management of own safety of FSB, saying that officers extort bribes from him. According to him, the first 200 thousand roubles, he gave the men in one of the cafes near the metro station «China town» in October last year, when there was a preparation of the contract between the GlavUpDK and chop. The newspaper adds that «subsequently he had to make several offerings, including increasing the number of protected objects in the contract.»

The last envelope of Snitsarev gave Kostenkova already under control by officers of CSS. Detained red-handed the Colonel decided to cooperate with the investigation and took 200 thousand rubles in the office of his superior Cotarnine. The next day he found at his workplace by officers of CSS of the FSB and the envelope with the money. Katerin said that it was a provocation, but the investigation and the military court didn’t believe him.

The chop and GlavUpDK has signed a two-year contract to 113,9 million rubles. As follows from the document published on the official website of GlavUpDK, «Unit 1» is received under the protection of the building of the Directorate for servicing the diplomatic corps and cultural center — just 15 different objects.


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