Raul Castro criticized the new American government

© AFP 2017 / Rodrigo adaptableclimate the state Council of Cuba Raul CastroRaul Castro criticized the new American government© 2017 AFP / Rodrigo Arangua

Chairman of the state Council of Cuba Raul Castro on Friday criticized recent moves by the new administration in the United States against the island, but stressed the readiness to continue the dialogue.

In June, the President of the United States Donald trump announced the cancellation of «erroneous» policy of his predecessor Barack Obama to normalize relations with Havana. The White house noted that the United States remain imposed against Cuba embargo and oppose calls from the UN and other international organizations for its abolition.

«The North American government has decided to tighten the blockade by imposing new prohibitions, explaining the new measures with the use of hostile rhetoric of the «cold war,» said Castro during a meeting of the National Assembly of people’s power.

According to the Cuban leader, trump statements do not take into account the support of Americans, including Cuban emigre circles, the idea of lifting the blockade and normalizing relations between the two countries and meet the interests of only a small group of Cubans living in South Florida, which each time become smaller.

«Cuba has the will to continue the dialogue with the United States on the basis of respect for sovereignty, one should not expect that Cuba will discuss their principles or will take any terms, so we never did. Regardless of what makes the United States, we will continue to move forward on the path that is chosen», – the newspaper quotes words of the Granma Castro.


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