Russia will create in the far North two centers receive data from space

© Ministry of natural resources. Artem Claremore Alexandra Land. Franz-Joseph.Russia will create in the far North two centers receive data from space© Ministry of natural resources. Artem Kelarev

EMERCOM of Russia jointly with the Russian space Agency until the end of 2019 will create in the Arctic region are two centers of space data reception, said the Director of the Department of civil protection of EMERCOM of Russia Andrey Lutoshkin.

«In the framework of the Federal space program for 2016-2025 Roscosmos is working on the establishment of joint centers receiving and processing space information on the basis of units of EMERCOM of Russia. Such a center is already working in Murmansk, in 2017-2018 it is planned to create similar centers in Dudinka, Krasnoyarsk Krai and the town of Anadyr in Chukotka,» — said he, addressing the forum of the Russian emergencies Ministry and NGOs «Society for security».

According to him, the work of such complexes will greatly accelerate the transition to the Arctic interagency system of monitoring and forecasting of emergency situations.

«Application of space monitoring and communication greatly increases the efficiency of decision-making and response to potential emergencies in the Arctic region,» said Lutoshkin.

According to him, just thanks to the prompt response of the Ministry of emergency situations managed to achieve a significant reduction in the number of emergencies in the Arctic.

«In recent years, on the territory of the Arctic zone thanks to the prompt response and conduct a successful search and rescue operations was a reduction in the number of emergency situations more than 20%. Reduced the number of fires by 15%, and accidents on water objects by more than 31%,» — said the representative of the MOE.

Lutoshkin explained that it is important parameters of effective work of the Arctic complex rescue centers of EMERCOM of Russia.

In the Arctic zone already operates six rescue centers in Vorkuta, Murmansk, Naryan-Mar, Arkhangelsk, Dudinka, Vytegra, four regional search and rescue team, 196 fire and rescue units from various agencies totaling about 10 thousand people, and two Maritime rescue coordination centre in Murmansk, Dixon.

«The number of forces and means of covering the Arctic zone reaches more than 18 thousand people and 1845 units,» — said Lutoshkin.


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