The FAS are concerned that a cartel agreement can make robots

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voiceoperated in photobacteria the FAS Russia. Archival photoThe FAS are concerned that a cartel agreement can make robots© RIA Novosti / Michael Voiceoperated the image Bank

The FAS is concerned with a new type of infringement of competition — through the use of new technologies: a cartel agreement can already conclude not own the company and robots, need to change legislation, said the head of Department Igor Artemyev.

«We are seriously concerned about a new innovative markets. But how to modify the legislation, and one thing that has already been filed, when the robots enter into a cartel agreement? When a special computer program find each other, and when the competitors are real people — not doing anything, and each time the program podrovnyal corresponding offer price at the highest price a competitor is a cartel, that is a price conspiracy,» he said in an interview to «Russia 24».

«But whom shall we put on trial? Robots? We have 7 years of imprisonment for such artistry. Well, robot plant, and the authors of this program did not mean it like that, because this application. After all, the surgeon’s scalpel to do surgery and save the man, but you can kill,» added Artemyev.

He said that the President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation adopted a decision on the need for legislative change.

«We are going to write a new Chapter, because our antitrust law coarse for such delicate technology, we need these new markets to describe,» said Artemyev.


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