The Governor called the attack on tourists in Hurghada «isolated incident»

© 2017 AFP / Mohamed el-ShahedСотрудники police in Hurghada, EgyptThe Governor called the attack on tourists in Hurghada «isolated incident»© AFP 2017 / Mohamed el-Shahed

The Governor of the province of the Red sea, Ahmed Abdullah called the attack on tourists at the hotel in Hurghada «isolated incident», and praised the work of the security forces, according to Egyptian Agency MENA.

«What happened in the red sea incident is an isolated incident… security Forces worked quickly in this situation,» the Governor said during a visit to victims of tourists under treatment in the hospitals of Hurghada.

It is also noted that the Governor ordered to allocate a helicopter to one of the victims for delivery to Cairo, where she is undergoing treatment in one of the best medical institutions in the country — the Institute of Nasser.

Friday was attacked six tourists in the hotels of Hurghada. A crime is suspected 27-year-old student, Abderrahman Shaaban, Abderrahman Badawi. He was detained at the scene. It was reported that he with a knife along the shore crept from the territory of a public beach on the beach where it attacked foreign tourists. As a result, according to the revised data, two tourists from Germany were killed and four tourists were injured, including a woman with a Russian passport. The assailant was arrested. The interior Ministry has not reported the motives of the crime.


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