Weekend in Moscow: the concert of «Depeche Mode» festival «Form»

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in photomontagist Depeche Mode Dave Gahan. Archival photoWeekend in Moscow: the concert of «Depeche Mode» festival «Form»© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

The concert of the legendary British band «Depeche Mode», festival of contemporary art «Form» at the Winery, an exhibition dedicated to the poet and artist Dmitry Prigov, as well as a costume party Midsummer Night’s Dream with performances of French electronic band Air, will take place in Moscow and its environs this weekend.


In the Moscow Museum of modern art on Saturday opens the exhibition «What is seen «poor worker» Dmitry Prigov», which will showcase ten graphic sheets of 1990-ies with the image of two monsters from the series «Installation for the poor cleaning woman» Dmitry Prigov, poet and artist, outstanding representative of Russian art of the second half of XX — beginning of XXI centuries. Work gifted to the Museum by his widow Hope the Rig-Prigovori. Also on this day the Museum will host the lecture «Cosmology D. A. Prigov and his artistic practice» philosopher, anthropologist and culture expert, and a senior researcher of the RAS Institute of philosophy Elena Petrovskaya.

On the Brewery for the sixth time to host the festival of contemporary art «Form». Traditionally, the program of electronic and guitar scenes, performances, large scale art project for the first time theater program. The main participants of the artistic program will be Dmitry Gutov, Oleg Kulik, WeldQueen, Alterazioni Video (Milan — new York — Berlin) participants Elena Kovylina and Liza Morozova from school PYRFYR. The first in the history of the festival theatre programme will focus on the complicity of the viewer and the work with space. Visitors Form will see performances of Yuriy Myravitski, Vitaly Borovik, Matreshki in Jazz and graduate courses of the School community at the Studio of Dmitry Brusnikina. Guitar on stage will present New Russian wave of young groups, and on the e-audience will be presented sound installations through abstract electronics and electroacoustics, as well as the usual techno, electro, industrial.


On Saturday at the stadium «Open arena» will give a concert kings of electronic music Depeche Mode, the speakers for more than thirty years. This concert is the British Dave Hahn, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher announced almost a year ago in support of the new album «Spirit». For Depeche Mode’s eighteenth account of a tour in the history of the group and the first for the last three years, the first time they performed in Russia in 1998. The album «Spirit» was released in March of this year and was produced by James Ford, the founder of the Duo Simian Mobile Disco, whose recent works include a collaboration with Florence and the Machine and Arctic Monkeys. As told in the Mountains an interview with RIA Novosti, if the previous albums were kind of self-examination and reflection, that last one «rather outwards to the external world».

On the same day, in the Green Theatre of Gorky Park group «Alisa» will give a traditional concert, where fans are involved in the formation of the setlist. Now in the vote lead of the song «Sabbath», «Three roads» «Red mountain.» And in the Serednikovo manor will host a costume party Midsummer Night’s Dream with performances of French electronic band Air. At the same time at different venues of the event will unfold performances, vocal numbers, marches and improvisation, United by themes of «Midsummer night’s Dream».


This week was the premiere of the third film about the confrontation of humans and apes in a reinterpreted format. After the monkey army suffers huge losses, Caesar performed by Andy Serkis begins to struggle with their own dark instincts and sent to the campaign in the name of revenge for his family. When this path will lead him to the Colonel, played by woody Harrelson, and push them face to face, start a war that will determine the fate of both species and the future of the planet. The picture cleverly combines the living and powerful story with vivid special effects, which places it in a League of real quality blockbusters.

Another «Blockbuster», but the other wing presented the Russian cinema. In the film, Lisa, played by Svetlana Ustinova, driven to a nervous breakdown colleagues on the drudgery of work and womanizing boyfriend (Alexander Molochnikov), gets in the car and driving away from Moscow herself in an unknown direction. In the dead of night she becomes a witness of a RAID on a point of microcredit in district Elektrougli and it turns into a hostage robber named Natasha in the performance of Anna Chipovskaya.


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