Calls to move the 2022 world Cup in Qatar are political in nature, said Mutko

© RIA Novosti / Abdulkader to Hadjerat in fotomonsterflash Khalifa stadium in Doha for the world championship on football of 2022. Archival photoCalls to move the 2022 world Cup in Qatar are political in nature, said Mutko© RIA Novosti / Abdulkader to Harperite the image Bank

Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Russian football Union Vitaly Mutko said the Agency «R-Sport» that calls for the postponement of the world Cup 2022 from Qatar are of a political nature and expressed the hope that politicians will find a solution to this issue.

Earlier, Reuters, citing the website The Local reported that Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mauritania, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt appealed to FIFA with the request to move the 2022 world Cup. According to them, the tournament in Qatar carries risks for fans and players. Later, the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino said that any letters the organization has received.

«This question must lie in the competence of FIFA, they make the decision. In fact it is, of course, politics. These are the countries that have severed diplomatic relations with Qatar. In General, of course, that’s too bad, because the Executive Committee took the decision and gave the 2022 world Cup to Qatar as the representative of the Arab world. It was one of the strong arguments that there has never been any big events in football,» said Mutko on the phone to the correspondent «R-Sports».

«That would be a first, and this is also an argument. And now they themselves are destroying. So, of course, if the political instability continues, it will be extremely difficult to prepare the world Cup. Because any sanctions, prohibitions of flight and all so on, of course, will cause great difficulties. But I hope that politics will find a solution to all these issues,» — said Mutko.


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