China has successfully tested advanced reconnaissance drone

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China conducted a successful test flight of its military reconnaissance drone Caihong-5 («Ceyhun-5», CH-5) and is ready for commercial release and also the conclusion of the device on the international market, reports on Sunday television channel CGTN.

The first test flight of the UAV was held on Friday in one of the airports in Hebei province, it lasted more than 20 minutes and, according to the military, was successful.

Drones series «Ceyhun» are most in demand in the international market from all of the currently existing UAV Chinese, they purchased more than 10 countries.

Project Manager of UAV «Ceyhun» in China Academy of aerospace aerodynamics OU Junmin reported that a number of countries have already expressed interest in acquiring the latest Chinese unit. He did not elaborate, the representatives of which countries are going to buy CH-5, but reported that discussions were under way with those who have previously purchased the UAV series «Ceyhun» and new potential customers.

The first flight of the prototype military drone took place in August of 2015. «Ceyhun-5» in size to 2 times the previous model of the class CH and is able to stay aloft for up to 60 hours, the maximum range of its flight is 10 thousand kilometers. The apparatus consists of a composite material, its wingspan is 21 feet, and maximum takeoff weight of over three tons, one third of them may consist of a payload, in particular, in one mission «Ceyhun-5» can carry up to 24 missiles.

«Ceyhun-5» can carry the aviation system airborne early warning, to perform reconnaissance tasks, to strike at targets at medium and low altitude. Moreover, the UAV «Ceyhun-5» in the presence of special equipment can be used for detection purposes and under water, for example, submarines. Also the UAV can be used in various civilian applications, equipping it with high-resolution cameras, radars and radio transmitters.

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