Colleagues in the theater said the man was Vladimir Tolokonnikov

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The theatre and cinema actor Vladimir Tolokonnikov, who died on Saturday in Moscow on 75-m to year of life, was a man of high moral character and an example for his colleagues, said in the farewell message of the Alma-ATA theatre of a name of Lermontov, where he was the leading actor.

Vladimir Tolokonnikov — Soviet and Kazakh film and theater actor, honored artist of the Kazakh SSR. Widely known after the film Vladimir Bortko «heart of a Dog» based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, which was filmed in 1988 in the role of Polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov. Vladimir Tolokonnikov will be buried in Moscow on Troekurov cemetery. Date of farewell is specified.

«The role of Sharikov in the film Bortko immortalized by this outstanding artist, however, Vladimir Alekseevich is not loved when he was associated with negative, yet incredibly charming character», — remember colleagues of the artist.

Colleagues in the theater said the man was Vladimir Tolokonnikov

Colleagues Tolokonnikova wrote that until recently believed in the recovery of the actor. «It’s hard to believe, but is no longer with us beloved, dear, only Vladimir Alekseevich Tolokonnikova. The last months he was seriously ill, but the videos that were posted by his sons, Glen and Rodion, inspire optimism and faith in what’s going to make it pop out of another ailment that the creative fuel, the power of the spirit, the energy of vitality will not fail. Alas…», — says in the message of the theatre.

In addition, fellow artists remember his high human qualities. «He was a stranger to the pathos, arrogance, complacency… Vladimir Alexeyevich was a very reckless man, and readily gave consent to participate in the flash mob at the Alma-ATA airport, leaving passengers in the costume of the Mayor from the play Revizor. Although theoretically could have refused, having referred to employment», — stated in the text.

According to the memoirs of the theatre named after Lermontov, «in a truly resounding popularity and people’s love to bowl as a star passed Vladimir Alekseevich, rather it is characterized by cardiac redundancy». «He talked warmly with his colleagues, was an example for young people. And it is impossible to remember, for all its frantic load (Tolokonnikov intensively acted in films outside of Kazakhstan) it at least once summed native theatre, disrupted the show… When last year, on tour in Kostanay, Vladimir Zubkov was in the hospital – it seemed that the whole country came to a standstill… the Phone was heated from calls of fans and admirers…» — remember colleagues of the artist.

«Hard to believe that we, colleagues and friends of Vladimir Alexeevich’ll never hear behind the scenes, in the dressing room with his distinctive laughter, jokes, anecdotes. And that he will never appear on stage in «the Family portrait with a stranger» — play, which seemed to never die…. Light, eternal memory! Deepest condolences to the family and friends of Vladimir A. Tolokonnikova, all admirers of his bright, original talent!» — the state academic Russian drama theatre named after Lermontov.


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