English stole a bike stolen from her the day before

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A resident of Bristol stole his bike stolen the day before from a man who tried to sell it through Facebook, according to the newspaper the Bristol Post.

Jenny Morton Hamfris left the bike in the city centre, the Watershed media centre to have Breakfast. When he returned, she realized that it was stolen and called the police.

After that, the woman published in Facebook photos of the bike and request for help in the search. Soon one of the users of the social network discovered the announcement of the sale of stolen from her vehicle. It is unknown whether it was made by thief.

Jenny suggested to set a trap and to respond to the ad. She asked the police along with her to go to a meeting with the «seller» and to detain him, but was refused. Then she decided to just steal his bike, although law enforcement officers advised her not to do it.

The girl came to the meeting with a friend.

«I pretended that interested in buying, and asked all sorts of stupid questions about the bike,» she says Bristol Post. I said that the seat is too high, and asked if I could do a try-in».

Then she handed him a pack of cigarettes and keys, so he let go of the bike and gave her a ride. Jenny sat down on your two-wheeled friend and quickly left.English stole a bike stolen from her the day before© 2017 Associated Rgely on skis, skates and bikes conquered Baikal in the race, «the Ice storm»

According to the Bristol Post, Jenny’s friend who was present at the «deal» told her that «seller» for some time stood puzzled, and then someone shouted «she’s not coming back». Then he checked the «things of value» given to him for safekeeping, and found that the pack of cigarettes empty, and the keys, he still won’t be able to use.

Ironically, it was the keys to the chain, which the attacker cut to steal the bike Jenny 18 hours before.

«The police got the number of one of the guys (related to the sale of the stolen bike — ed), but have not been able to do because he told them he bought it at night in the pub, so no one was ever prosecuted. But I’m glad he’s back with me,» the girl explained.



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