Island water Polo: women’s national team kicks off world Cup match with Greece

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Female Russian national team on water Polo starts the world championship on water sports in Budapest, the match against the team of Greece.

Women’s water Polo tournament kicks off in Budapest on July 16, male — July 17. The matches will be played in the outdoor pool on Margaret island.

After bronze in Rio

After the 2016 Olympics, where the team of Alexander Gaidukov won the bronze medal, Russian women’s team managed to achieve significant success, finishing third in the Superfinal of the World League. Many players that updated since the Rio of the whole was declared on tournament in Budapest — Anna Karnaukh Anna Utuhina, Maria Borisova, Alain Serjantova, Veronica Vakhitova, Anastasia Simanovich, Darya Ryzhkova Ekaterina Prokofyeva, Evgeniya Ivanova, Olga Gorbunova, Elvin Karimov, Anna Timofeeva Tatyana Tolkunova.

«Minor trauma was Anastasia Verkhoglyadova, so I decided not to take, not risk, was changed to (Anna) Utuhina, otherwise much loss we have, — said the Agency «R-Sport» Gaidukov. Team updated, girls are eager to prove themselves, hungry for battle, so to speak. So the mood is upbeat, we are going to Budapest to fight, to fight.»

Rivals of the Russian team in the group stage will be the teams of Greece (July 16), Australia (18 July), Kazakhstan (July 20). «With Greece we have different experiences for meetings: win-win, and then lose. But, probably the most unpleasant opponent still American women on them, maybe even some kind of barrier stand. But as the World League, we are able to deal with them and play ball in the ball. You just need to remove unnecessary thoughts and can take a game,» says goalkeeper Anna Karnaukh.

In the country water Polo

Around men’s water Polo tournament is expected to the incredible hype. In 2014 at the European Championships in Budapest matches smashes attendance records, and the home of the world Cup hosts as true fans of the sport took itself a place in Prime time with a possible replacement in the playoffs at the time.

The Russian national team at this tournament in rivals team Japan (17 July), Croatia (19 Jul), USA (21 July). «The Japanese added each year, they began to promote a particular style, not power. Revolve around you, it is hard to resist. I think they add to a Game, find players for harder games to come. I wouldn’t say that their style is some kind of know-how, but usually in this style have teams playing two or three players, and here the whole team. This kind of style some are already copying,» — said the acting head coach of Russia Sergey Evstigneev.

«The group stage opponents at the world Championships in Budapest, we have obtained approximately the same that were in the Superfinal of the World League in the group stage. Only instead of an Australian national team — team USA. I think we as a team not stand for, are developing, all have huge desire to win. Tired of losing to. I want to win,» said Russia captain Sergey Lizunov.

In addition Lisunova, at the world championship in Budapest declared Kirill Korneev, Vitaly Statsenko, Nikita Derevyankin, Egor Vasilyev, Daniil Merkulov, Ivan Suchkov Nikolay Lazarev, Alexey Bugaychuk, Artem Ashaev, Ivan Nagaev, Dmitriy Cold, Roman Shepelev.

The matches of the final round of the women’s tournament at the world Cup will be held in Budapest on 28 July, among men, the winners will be determined a day later.


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