The authorities of the polar region hope to breathe new life into «levitanovskoy» Teriberka

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in fotobounce ships on the coast near the Teriberka village on the Barents sea coast. Archival photoThe authorities of the polar region hope to breathe new life into «levitanovskoy» Teriberka© RIA Novosti / Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

The authorities of Murmansk region and Moscow partners hope to create a model of sustainable development in Teriberka, which became a symbol of decline after filming here, the movie «Leviathan», which can serve as an example for the revival of remote Arctic settlements in the North. This weekend in Teriberka passes III festival of the Arctic «Teriberka. New life».

Old Pomeranian settlement

Teriberka is located 120 kilometers from Murmansk on the Barents sea and is one of the most beautiful places of the Kola Peninsula. The village successfully developed until the 60-ies of the last century, but then began a gradual decline. Today the village is divided into two parts – the so-called «old» and «new» Teriberka. In both parts of the village live less than 1.5 million inhabitants.

«In 60 years there were two fishing farm, worked for two of the fishery. Here was a commodity-dairy farm, ship repair workshops, cultivated American mink, a herd of deer was 2 thousand heads,» — says the head of the Kola area, which includes settlement, Alexander Liholet.

After the 1960s the settlement began to gradually die – closed businesses, people went in more prosperous areas. In the 1990s several attempts were made to revive the village.

Hope appeared after 2010, when it announced plans for the development of the Shtokman gas field. In Teriberka was supposed to build a sea port with an investment of over $ 2 billion. After the failure of investors from the Shtokman project, the village became completely deteriorate, and the people ceased to believe in the possibility of revival. Did not work, flourished poaching.

In the development strategy is also actively involved farmers ‘ cooperative from Moscow «Lakalaka» and Fund «Great land.» In 2015 they held in Teriberka the first Arctic festival «Teriberka. New life».

The main idea of the festival is to demonstrate the potential for sustainable growth, to create preconditions for the revival of the village. «Now the work is focused on creating the example of Teriberka model of the revival of the outlying settlements, which many in the Arctic, including in our region. We want to solve the complex task with the help of the social partners — I believe that this area will experience a revival – not tomorrow, but in the medium term», — said Deputy Governor of the Murmansk region Grigory Stratiy before the opening of the festival.

He explained that the basis of this model is a comprehensive approach, identification of competitive advantages. «We need to identify the growth points, find the architectural model. Tourists go here, investors stretched. We want to set soft rules of the game, to use the international and Russian experience,» added Straty.

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in fotoangelo Teriberka. Archival photoThe authorities of the polar region hope to breathe new life into «levitanovskoy» Teriberka© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in fotoangelo Teriberka. Archive photo
To preserve the identity

The festival includes five areas, each of which represents one of the potential points of growth: architecture and urban (Central place of the festival), the venue for the traditional crafts and trades, gastroturizm, sport tourism and educational tourism.

At the session of urban studies and planning presented the concept of the master development plan of the village, which was chosen as a pilot project. Architects and urbanists from different countries presented examples of international practices of successful development in Arctic settlements.

In the opinion of the Governor of the region Evgeny Nikora, to revive the ancient settlements of the polar region should preserve their spirit. «It is very important that the Pomor village as Teriberka, have not lost their identity, whatever happens, whatever the objects are not built,» said Nikora reporters.

He explained that the task of the architects from different countries and Russian regions, who came to Teriberka – to build a new image of Teriberka, preserving the ancient spirit of the village. «We’re talking about how should look such settlements in the Russian Arctic, came here investors to not lose their identity to the people who lived here for centuries, it was comfortable. Not to lose the soul – the most important thing», — said Nikora.

The task of the authorities – to find investors for the most interesting architectural ideas – wanting to open a cafe in the fishing hut to build a hotel complex, to equip the berths. Over the past few years in Teriberka there are new hotels, a revived tourism.

District head Liholet hopes that soon the Teriberka and Finnish saariselkä – kind of a tourist Mecca — an agreement on cooperation and exchange of experience.

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in fotobabbles sea. Teriberskaya BayThe authorities of the polar region hope to breathe new life into «levitanovskoy» Teriberka© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in fotobabbles sea. Teriberskaya Bay
Behind the facade of the festival

Way to Teriberka of Murmansk, though not far, but difficult: the last 40 kilometers is a dirt road. Only in winter the track is often closed because of snow and Kiddle, then the villagers days remain cut off from the «mainland». The last winter «set a record» for the number of closures – more than 25 times.

Director of culture house of Teriberka Olga Nikolayeva recalled how several times, going to Murmansk with the members of the famous Teriberskaya of the Pomor choir, after closing the road slept in «on rugs with friends» in Murmansk. In her opinion, to «new life» Teriberka still far too many problems that need to be addressed first.

«The festival is good, people fun. Actually, life here is getting better. Young leave are elderly,» she says. One of the problems, which they say older Teriberka – lack of public transport to move from one part of Teriberka in the other. Between them is only 5 kilometers, but there’s no bus, and residents have to pay 250-300 rubles per one-way trip to the post office, the clinic, the library, to receive a pension. Teriberskiy and the famous bread is baked in the «new» Teriberka, in the «old» brought from Murmansk. «I have a pension of 14 thousand. Is hitting for 300 rubles?» — lamenting a local resident Lyudmila Savelievna.

In the revival of Teriberka firmly believes the head of the district Alexander Liholet. «Today, all serious. Is building the 63-apartment building. We relocated to 33 under the Federal program until August 25. Three houses built in the stake,» he explains.

However, local residents are skeptical. «If Teriberka build a house in the city of the stake, they (the authorities – ed.) don’t think about the future of Teriberka, they under the pretext of here evicted. So left a lot of families with young children – reduced future. Jobs is declining. My conclusions — this area is supposed to tourism, under such party», — says Olga Nikolayeva.

The idea to build in Teriberka the saltworks, which implements the investors, she criticizes: he says salt from the Barents sea Pomors have never sold – it was bitter, tasteless. «And these organic food… it’s all expensive, designed for advertising and very wealthy citizens of Russia», — said a local resident.

The head of the ancient Pomor choir sure everything is kept only for people who truly love their land, firmly standing on their land. An elderly villager in bright costumes, the decoration of the festival program. The song pours along the coast, above the stage, erected for visitors of musical stars over the tents of the Moscow restaurateurs. Specially for the festival in Teriberka right on the seafront, set the giant swing is not only a symbol of child’s innocence, but a sign of the variability of life.


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