The most despised business: in the United States earn on diseases and drugs

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotomekhanicheskim productionThe most despised business: in the United States earn on diseases and drugs© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotobanka Veselov, RIA Novosti

«All is well in America, but here can not hurt. That is, to hurt you, but only if you have good expensive insurance, says RIA Novosti Alice Vishnevetskaya, a new York physician. — Expensive insurance, incidentally, also does not guarantee anything: in the event of a serious injury or illness it will cover only part of the costs. And then have to sell the property…»

Reverse side of American prosperity

Belarusian student Franak Vecherko, who is studying in the United States, broken during a football game leg billed for 91 850 dollars. And 12 000 top rehab. There is a detailed price list: three day — 13 $ 680, call an ambulance — $ 5,000, renting and operating equipment — 32 $ 670, physician services — 8800 dollars, each x — ray for $ 900, and so on.

Have Vecherko had insurance, and part of the expenses she covered. However, after the incident the insurance company has become hazardously to bargain with the hospital, knocked out a 50% discount for your client — as a student, but refused to pay for physician services, resulting in the case of Belarusian, the hospital gave the collectors. It is not about the elite clinic, but about the most trivial hospital in Brooklyn, who «is no better than the Belarusian hospitals.» «Here is the reverse side of American prosperity,» concludes Vecherko.

American healthcare is a huge business Empire, which concentrated enormous resources. By 2016, the share of health in the structure of us GDP was 18%. This is just great indicator. In other developed countries it averages 8-9%.

If you have insurance and your insurance covers the costs case good. If not, you will have to pay. According ostal’tsi, prolonged abuse of such sedatives leads to a rehabilitation center for opium addicts — «rehab». Twenty-eight days of treatment in such a center will cost 31 thousand dollars, which standard insurance will not cover. And again have to shell out.

The spread of this practice in the United States in recent years, avalanche growth of opioid dependence and rising deaths from drug overdose have received in the American media with the filing of the economist and Nobel laureate Angus Deaton title «opium epidemic». According to the Center for control and prevention of diseases, in the United States for the year 2016 was recorded 33 deaths from opioids. One of those who died as a result of this «epidemic» has become a famous musician Prince: he died from an overdose of fentanyl.

Typically, opioids are prescribed legally, but this scheme is so profitable that it attracts scams. Why wait for a man to get hooked on drugs in case it may be questionable, but «medical necessity»? It is possible to prescribe opioids even completely healthy person. This is what worked clinics Parkville Medical Health and LF Medical Services of NY, owner of which was Lazar Feygin.

«My grandmother just faked the tests, told RIA Novosti Nicholas Forsh new York, one of the victims in the «vagina business». — It is clear that in advanced age appear different ailments, but no permanent chronic pain she had, and her vagina was prescribed oxycodone. Well, we recovered quickly and went to other doctors, and there were people who these recipes believe.»

A private investigator who during the investigation in the «case Feigin» represented the interests of several patients, told RIA Novosti on condition of anonymity, that the practice, when healthy people prescribed opioids, «is not something exclusive» and «in one way or another is in many other hospitals.»
5500% of income

Another scourge of American medicine — unreasonable overpricing of medicines. Pharmaceutical companies may fold raise prices, even though the drugs are the simplest primitive components.

This is possible if the drug or component is patented, then the company has him exclusive rights. Its share of the profits there are the insurers. In 2016, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal investigated the history of the growth of prices for pain medicine Treximet, the price of which jumped from $ 20 per package to 720. This price is for private buyers. The insurance company through the system of discounts to pay for this drug is less — about $ 350.

© AP Photo / Invision/ Greg AllenГлава new York pharmaceutical company Turing Pharmaceuticals AG Martin ShkreliThe most despised business: in the United States earn on diseases and drugs© AP Photo / Invision/ Greg AllenГлава new York pharmaceutical company Turing Pharmaceuticals AG Martin Shkreli

Another illustrative case — buy in August 2015, the head of the new York pharmaceutical company Turing by Martin Shkreli patent for the production of medicines Daraprim used to treat HIV and cancer patients. In September Shkreli raised the cost of one tablet 13 to $ 750. Thus, the price has been increased by 5500%, and now year-long course of medication will cost more than 600 thousand dollars. The cost of treatment with this drug, of course, not covered by health insurance.

Shkreli was nicknamed «the most despised American businessman», but he’s not upset.

Cases with Treximet and Daraprim — just the most high-profile and controversial. There are others. So, the company and Gilead Pharmasse for no reason raised the price of Sofosbuvir medicine for hepatitis C treatment — twice. Compared to Shkreli it was very humane. Now for the treatment of the American patient will have to pay 84 thousand dollars is 36 thousand.


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