The number of road deaths in India increased to 16

© Flickr / meg and rahulСкорая help India. Archival photoThe number of road deaths in India increased to 16© Flickr / meg and rahul

The death toll in the accident with the bus carrying pilgrims in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has increased to 16 people, 30 were wounded, the newspaper reports IndiaToday.

Earlier it was reported about 11 victims.

The incident occurred on Sunday on the motorway near the town Banihal. According to police, the bus slid off the road, overturned and fell into a gorge. The cause of the accident is not yet established.

The pilgrims had intended to visit the caves of Amarnath, one of the famous Hindu shrines in Jammu and Kashmir. Prime Minister Narendra modi expressed his condolences to the relatives of the victims.

Due to congestion, poor road conditions and careless driving in India often occur in serious accidents. According to official statistics, every day as a result of road accidents killed 400 people a year are victims of road accidents are almost 150 thousand people. Thus, according to the world health organization, the annual death rate on Indian roads in recent years, more than 200 thousand people.


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