The Vaganova Academy will give in Japan workshops in the framework of «Russian seasons»

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in fotomancer Academy of Russian ballet named Agrippina Vaganova, ballet dancer Nikolai Tsiskaridze at a press Breakfast in Moscow.The Vaganova Academy will give in Japan workshops in the framework of «Russian seasons»© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

The St. Petersburg Academy of Russian ballet named after Vaganova will show in the framework of «Russian seasons» in Japan, the one-act ballet by Josef Bayer «the Fairy doll» and will give master classes, said Sunday at a press Breakfast the rector of the Academy Nikolai Tsiskaridze.

The official opening ceremony of «Russian seasons» was held in Japan on 4 June.

«We are taking the ballet «the Fairy doll», will participate in a New national theatre, Tokyo. Basically we have a program for workshops, the Japanese love to engage with our children. I will lead the lesson, the attendees will be Japanese teachers of different qualifications. In our country, invented a unique method of teaching the Vaganova technique,» — said Tsiskaridze.

He noted that the master class is largely dependent on the classification of who it comes from.

«When in the beginning of the XX century there was «Russian seasons» — it was the desire of Sergei Diaghilev show Russia and other countries. I think right now if you went from our side of such a movement, it is important to show the best of what we have… It very well, in any case there is PR, and we have our face show worthy. In Japan there are many fans of Russian ballet, but unfortunately, the younger generation has grown up on the other, and it is not very familiar with our ballet», — said Tsiskaridze.

He said that Japan was the first country where he went when the USSR fell the «iron curtain». «For me, Japan is particularly expensive, once there, I first left the borders of our country 16-year-old child. Any ballet dancer will tell you that Japan is his native country, because the Japanese love ballet, and we go there very often. Another thing is that over the last 20 years on the Russian market very much began to push Western companies out of the Americans, the British, the French, they compete because we taught whole world to dance,» said Tsiskaridze.

The program of the tour in Japan in the framework of «Russian seasons» also included the Mariinsky theatre, the Hermitage Museum, the Maly drama theatre, seaside Mariinsky theatre, the Nikulin Moscow circus, drama Theatre named after Pushkin, the Bolshoi Symphony orchestra of Tchaikovsky, the ballet Theatre named after Jacobson, the State academic theatre of classical ballet, Symphonic chapel of Russia, all-Russian state Institute of cinematography named after Gerasimov all-Russian Museum Association of musical culture named after Glinka, the Cossack ensemble «Stavropol».

The program «Russian seasons» includes more than 200 events that will take place throughout the year in 42 cities throughout Japan.


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