Thunderstorm and strong wind in Moscow declared a yellow level weather risk

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in fotomontaggi in Moscow. Archival photoThunderstorm and strong wind in Moscow declared a yellow level weather risk© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator the image Bank

The hydrometcentre of Russia announced on Sunday a yellow level weather risk in Moscow from-for a strong wind, rain and thunderstorms.

«The degree of intensity of dangerous phenomena: yellow the weather is potentially dangerous,» — said on the website of the hydrometeorological center.

Yellow level weather risk persists in the capital region for several days. On Monday in Moscow and the Moscow region are also expected strong wind, rain and thunderstorm.

Anomalous summer

Weather anomalies in the Central part of Russia began in the spring. At the end of may in Moscow and the Moscow region, a strong hurricane struck. The wind knocked down several thousands of trees and damaged the roofs of hundreds of houses. The death toll was 16 people, about 200 were injured.

Head of services Nina Petrochenko noted that due to the cloudy and cold summer, the citizens are often forced to stay home — they could not travel to the country, to gardening, and this can be one of the causes of depression. In addition, the weather can indirectly influence the strengthening of feelings of depression in those who already suffers from a mild form of depression is apathy or lack of energy.

However, rainy and cold summer not as dangerous to health as drastic weather changes, and the lack of sun can be compensated with fresh air and the inclusion in the diet of vegetables and fruits, told RIA Novosti experts.

Doctors remind that the factor of influence of sunlight on the body, especially from the point of view of production of vitamin D is very important for bone and muscle system for hair and skin in children and adults. Therefore, it is important to catch Sunny days and don’t forget the fresh vegetables, strawberries and other berries, grapes and watermelons.

Doctors believe that even in cloudy weather, fresh air will be able to provide a person with the necessary sunlight.

Should I wait for the heat

In early July, the center Fobos said that the people of Central Russia it is not necessary to wait for summer weather, since the region’s looming «intense and prolonged» rainfall. Later, however, forecasters said that in the second half of July, residents of the capital region are still waiting for good weather.

«Nature will take pity over the Muscovites, and in the second half of July will return the stolen summer», — stated in the message of the center «Phobos».

In August, the air temperature above normal possible on the South of the European part of Russia and southern Urals. But in Siberia, Yakutia and the far East is expected to more cool weather than usual.

Damage to agrariev

Cold spring and summer threatens to turn into significant losses for agriculture. In 2017, the majority of farmers faced with crop failure, and damage can reach 2.6 billion rubles, said the newspaper «Izvestia» with reference to the national Union of agricultural insurers.

Moreover, according to the newspaper, the losses can fall on the shoulders of the Federal budget, since this year the crop is insured far fewer farms than in the past. The agricultural products insurance has been paralyzed due to industry reform, which introduced a unified regional subsidy for agriculture and a regulatory framework for the operation of the new law is still not adopted, the newspaper said.

The inhabitants of the Earth will face new challenges

Anomalous weather events that have marked this summer, will be repeated more often. This was stated by the Russian presidential adviser on climate change Alexander Bedritsky.

Thunderstorm and strong wind in Moscow declared a yellow level weather risk© RIA Novosti / V. Davidberkley summers benefit red-listed plants of the Moscow region»We observe anomalous phenomena, when the weather is unstable. 2017 is an example of such situations that can be repeated more often», — he said at a joint forum of the Russian emergencies Ministry and NGOs «Society for security» in the city of Vytegra.

According to him, now on atmospheric processes is significantly affected by the melting of Arctic glaciers. Due to the reduction of the volume of the «ice cap» reduced temperature contrast between the poles and the equator, which in turn leads to weather anomalies. Your contribution to these processes in the Atlantic and European sectors makes the area of the anomalies of the surface of the ocean.

According to Bedritsky, the climate factor should be taken into consideration when it comes to public safety. This would reduce risks for the population and increase the efficiency of emergency services.

Thunderstorm and strong wind in Moscow declared a yellow level weather risk© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in potamocorbula dangerous weather


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