British analysts have compared losses from cyber attacks with hurricane sandy

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in photobackgrounds attack of the virus-the extortionerBritish analysts have compared losses from cyber attacks with hurricane sandy© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator the image Bank

Global cyber virus-the extortioner that occurred at the end of June, may in General lead to losses of 53 billion dollars, analysts say Lloyd’s of London and Cyence.

«Major global cyber attack can cause economic losses, estimated at $ 53 billion, which corresponds to catastrophic natural disasters, such as, for example, hurricane sandy in 2012,» reports Reuters, citing a report.

In the report of companies considered the potential economic losses from a hypothetical hacking of cloud service providers and cyber attacks on computer operating systems that control the plants around the world.

«Because virtual attacks, it is difficult to understand how they will affect the big events», — told the Agency the CEO of Lloyd’s of London Inga Beale (Inga Beale).

The global attack of the virus-the extortioner 27 Jun struck IT system companies in several countries around the world, mostly affecting the Ukraine. The attack targeted the computers petroleum, energy, telecommunications, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies. The postal and telecommunications of Ukraine stated that the attack of the virus-the extortioner was by means of the program «M.E.doc».

According to early reports, the attackers activated a virus the Trojan was related to already known to the family of ransomware Petya, but later it turned out that we are talking about a new family of malware with a significantly different functionality. «Kaspersky lab» dubbed the new virus ExPetr.


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