Counsel claims that «Jehovah’s Witnesses» was subjected to discrimination

© Fotolia / robypangyБиблия Jehovah’s WitnessesCounsel claims that «Jehovah’s Witnesses» was subjected to discrimination© Fotolia / robypangy

The lawyer eliminated in Russia, the head organization of «Jehovah’s Witnesses» told the court about the mass discrimination of adherents after the Supreme court decision on the recognition of its extremist activities, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

On Monday, the appeals instance of the Supreme court is considering a complaint of «administrative center of Jehovah’s Witnesses» to eliminate.

According to the lawyer of Viktor Genkova, employers began to dismiss the congregation because of the connection with the prohibited organization. In addition, after the decision on liquidation of the «Witnesses» recruits from among the followers began to refuse alternative service, although the doctrine of «Jehovah’s Witnesses» does not imply participation in military conflicts and military service, he said.

Russia’s Supreme court on 20 April as extremist activity «administrative center of Jehovah’s witnesses in Russia» — the head of the organization, managing the branches of «Jehovah’s Witnesses» in Russia.


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