Dmitry Medvedev has confirmed changes in rules of the road

© RIA Novosti / Eugene Betablockmodules. Archival photoDmitry Medvedev has confirmed changes in rules of the road© RIA Novosti / Eugene biyatov

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree amending the Rules of the road, in particular, introduced the terms «electric» and «hybrid vehicle» as well as the relevant traffic signs and markings, said on Monday on the government website.

It is noted that for the protection of the environment from the effects of automobile emissions of harmful substances introduced new traffic signs specific instructions: «Zone with restriction of the ecological class of motor vehicles», «Zone with restriction of emission class of trucks» sign «the Environmental class of the vehicle,» the new terms.

«In connection with the accelerated development of environmentally friendly type of transportation in order to designate electric vehicle charging points and allow them Parking in such places introduced a new term «electric car» «hybrid vehicle», the relevant road signs and markings», — stated in the explanatory note to the document.

The changes also involve the distribution of the sign «Stop Smoking» vehicle route outside of the zone of stops of public transport, an adjustment of the terms «pedestrian zone», «separator bar» and «island of safety» for regulation of their use as elements, separating the roadway and the tram tracks.

The government also allowed the movement of cyclists on the sidewalk or pedestrian walkway in the case of escorts adult cyclist under the age of 14 years.

«Decisions are aimed at improving the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, vehicle routing. These changes will allow state authorities and local self-government to regulate the mode of transit through the territory of settlements of vehicles with high emission levels of harmful substances, including providing incentives for environmentally friendly vehicles», — underlined in the message.


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