FAS has given operators two weeks to the abolition of domestic roaming

© Fotolia / Andrey PopovСим card for mobile phone. Archival photoFAS has given operators two weeks to the abolition of domestic roaming© Fotolia / Andrey Popov

The Federal Antimonopoly service has given operators two weeks to cancel roaming within Russia. FAS considered unreasonable difference in prices for roaming subscribers «expensive» and «cheap» rates. In case of failure to meet requirements «big four» operators face a fine, as well as the recovery of unduly received income.

The price difference is not justified

The operators have ten days to notify subscribers about the changes. Also, the FAS issued a warning to companies «Vympelcom», «MTS», «MegaFon» and «T2 mobile».

The actions of the operators of the FAS found indications of violations of the law on protection of competition. The company has established and maintained different rates for cellular services in the home region and in travel to Russia. While the more expensive tariff plan of the subscriber, the less for him the difference in tariffs for mobile services at home or on the road.

After analyzing price proposals and technical conditions of providing communication services, the FAS has determined that these actions are neither economically nor technologically justified. Four mobile operators have to change the rates for services in travel, eliminating the unjustified price difference.

What about the roaming question

Now in Russia there are several types of roaming: national, on-net and separately in the Crimea. Intranet roaming is valid within a particular network throughout the country and varies from region to region. National roaming is valid when the network provider is not in any region.

As explained by the head of Department of regulation of communications and information technologies of the FAS Elena zaeva, prevention of FAS for intranet roaming. «National will make a decision (about the warning — ed.) until the end of the week,» she added.

If prices will not change

If the operators do not fulfill the warning of the Ministry, against them may be initiated antitrust case. For its consideration of the allotted three months and may be renewed for six.

«If the FAS instituted proceedings and the Commission makes a decision about the fact of violation of the Antimonopoly legislation, administrative liability. But you know, the Antimonopoly authority is still the instrument of transfer to the Federal budget unduly received income. We may apply this measure,» he told reporters zaeva.

However, she noted that the warning controller provides the subsequent abolition of intranet roaming in Russia. «If a warning is performed, or order of the Antimonopoly body, the roaming charges will be abolished completely,» — said the representative of the FAS.

To remove the notion

Earlier it was reported that the FAS plans to withdraw from legislation the concept of domestic roaming. According to the head of Department Igor Artemyev, this concept will remain as a technical feature, but will disappear as a legal category that allows you to enter additional cost.

«I believe that the availability of roaming in the Crimea or in Moscow region for Muscovites — it’s just a shame. What, you don’t live in their own country?» — said Artemyev.

He also cited the example of the EU, all 28 member countries which refused to roaming charges within the Union.

The new rules came into force in the EU on 15 June, the mobile operators had two years to prepare for the abolition of roaming charges. In addition, for import into the EU of aliens roaming preserved.

Anachronism and redundancy

With the abolition of national roaming at the end of June also made «Fair Russia» in the Duma introduced the relevant bill. As noted by the faction leader Sergei Mironov, domestic roaming was introduced in the country under the pretext of compensatory measures cellular companies, which initially were forced to carry out connections through a single nationwide operator and carried because of this additional costs.

«But today, this mechanism is rarely used, so that the charge for domestic roaming has become an anachronism, not to mention its redundancy», — quotes Mironov’s press service.

Later, the MP said that this initiative took «Bang» citizens and supported the FAS, however, the Ministry believes that it will provoke a great social tension, as it will lead to increase of tariffs for mobile communications. Therefore, Mironov proposed to hold parliamentary hearings and comprehensively discuss a problem.

Will the rates increase?

According to the chief editor of the Internet portal «Mobile telecommunications» Leontius of Bukstein, the decision of the FAS should not in General affect the value of tariff plans.

«The operators are companies with good marketing, they feel good money, but after the order of the FAS to abolish roaming charges, to raise tariffs is not solved by anybody. Just, I think, some services, suggestions, options and rates will cover the income,» — said the expert on radio Sputnik.

FAS has given operators two weeks to the abolition of domestic roaming© RIA Novostigazprom about the decision of the FAS on roaming: to raise tariffs is not solved, nobody most FAS has also stated that they do not expect higher prices for mobile communications after the abolition of roaming charges, as the reduction of tariffs kompensiruet growth in services.

«In this case, also benefit operators and subscribers. This is a situation which is characteristic of a competitive market, when such actions benefit all», — told reporters the Deputy head of Department Anatoly Golomolzin in February.


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