In Bangkok, a festival of Russian-Thai friendship

© Embassy of Russia in Tiendavirtual to the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and ThailandIn Bangkok, a festival of Russian-Thai friendship© Embassy of Russia in Thailand

The festival, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Thailand, which was held from Friday to Sunday in the trendy shopping Mall «Siam Paragon» in Bangkok, became a large-scale festival of the Russian-Thai friendship.

«Russian Weekend» At The «Siam Paragon»

Hall of the third floor of the shopping center «Siam Paragon», a favorite place of recreation for residents of Bangkok, as Thais and foreigners alike — is familiar to all in organization of promotions, presentations and fashion shows. Last weekend a large part of the hall was fenced off for the festival, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Siam (now Thailand).

Wanting a lot. If on Friday the opening ceremony was allowed by invitation only, Saturday and Sunday, «Russian area» was open to all and is never empty.

On the stage succeeded each other artists of the Bangkok ensemble «Katyusha», consisting of Russian and Thai girls beautifully dancing Russian dances, children’s ensemble «Rosinka» Pattaya, which are Russian and Thai children from the same kindergarten, the student orchestra and dance ensemble of the University of the Thai Silpakorn, Russian pianists and singers, leading presentations program Visit Russia, a famous Thai historians and writers.

Among the personal and collective participants of the festival, the Ambassador called figures of culture and business, Thai company, Thai-Russian Business Council, the Thai-Russian chamber of Commerce, publisher River Books bookstore giant Kinokunia, Thai universities: Thammasat, Chulalongkorn, Ramkhamhaeng, Silpakorn, the Center of Russian language in Kalasin.

«A huge number of Thai partners, friends of Russia and of Russians living here have joined forces, put their imagination, ingenuity, in order that the festival was bright, festive, good. On stage we saw our dancers from ensemble «Katyusha» today will be a children’s ensemble «Rosinka» Pattaya, now we played an excellent pianist Ivan Sharapov from Phuket, then will play another talented pianist, Victor Shawls,» — said Barsky.

The visit of the crown Prince and granddaughter of «Russian Duchess» of Siam

Of particular interest to the Thai public was aroused by the authors of two recently published books related to the history of relations between Russia and Thailand.

A full house gathered the performance of the Thai historian and popularizer of historical knowledge of Shriracha Nan, who told us about his new book dedicated to the visit to Siam in 1891, crown Prince Nicholas Alexandrovich, heir to the Russian throne, the future Emperor Nicholas II.

Russia, through its influence on partner and ally of France and a global rival, and then, too, ally, Britain, stood up for the Siam at a time when the British and French had already divided the «spheres of responsibility and influence» in the Kingdom.

About how exactly it happened, starting with the visit of crown Prince Nikolai Alexandrovich in Siam in 1891, the visit of king Chulalongkorn to Russia in 1897 and the establishment of diplomatic relations, and to a decade-long process of border demarcation with French Indochina, where an intermediary on behalf of the Emperor of Russia was attended by the first Russian envoy in Siam valid state councillor Alexander Olarovskiy, and told the audience from the stage of the festival «area of Russia», Chirac Nan.

The writer told how he stopped the auction at Christie’s in London when there a few years ago have suddenly been exposed to the letters of her grandfather and great-grandfather to each other as a separate lot. The letters were stolen many years ago, immediately after the death of her parents when Narissa was a child.

She had to sue the organizers of the auction and the «owners» put up for auction the lot, and she won: after months of trial, the letters were returned to the rightful owner. Then Narissa and decided to publish them in a book.

The contents of the letters exchanged between the reigning monarch and one of his heirs (Chakrapong was the second-highest among sons of king Chulalongkorn) are of undoubted interest to historians: they are father and son discussed not only family Affairs but also world politics, the relations between Russia, France and England, which had a huge influence on the fate of their Kingdom.

The celebration will continue in Russia

The celebration of the 120th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Thailand will continue in Russia in October of this year. Before the festival, in Bangkok, the foreign Ministry of Thailand has announced that from 30 September to 9 October 2017 Russia with the Royal visit to the king’s sister Mach Wachiralongkon (Tenth Frame) Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhon to take part in the celebration.


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