In Kemerovo have caught the «serial arsonist» electrical switchboards

CC0 / Public Domain / Detention. Archival photoIn Kemerovo have caught the «serial arsonist» electrical switchboardsCC0 / Public Domain /

Kemerovo police detained a suspect in a series of arson electrical panels in the hallways, which happened from March fires in several hostels and residential homes, told RIA Novosti the regional cupola MIA.

According to authorities, the fire occurred on the territory of the Factory district of the city. According to the experts, in all cases, the cause of the fire was arson electrical switchboards. According to the facts filed criminal charges under article «deliberate destruction or damage of property».

«All crimes were committed in the evening or night according to the same scheme. In the course of the complex operative-search actions police officers established and detained the suspect. It was them earlier judged for a similar crime 20-the summer inhabitant Belovo (the city is located 124 kilometers from Kemerovo),» said the police.

As militiamen found out, young man came into entrances of houses, set fire to equipment in electrical panels and concealed. Already established his participation in at least seven arson.

«Crime, the malefactor made from hooligan promptings, and then by watching the work of firemen. The suspect became a defendant in seven criminal cases,» — said the interior Ministry.

The maximum sanction incriminated article of the criminal code provide for up to 5 years imprisonment.


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