Japan plans to equip the F-2.

© Fotolia / пмапп77Флаг Japan. Archival photoJapan plans to equip the F-2.© Fotolia / nmann77

Japan plans in 2018 to equip their own missiles «air-ship» the F-2 Japanese air self-defense forces, said on Monday the newspaper «Yomiuri».

According to her, it will be Japan’s first private supersonic missiles, which are difficult to intercept low trajectory and swiftness of flight.

Until now, Japanese missiles «air-ship» could develop only transonic speed. However, a new modification of the Japanese rockets will be flying three times the speed of sound.

«Yomiuri» connects the development of such missiles with the growth of military activity of China in the East China sea.

In this region China is disputing the archipelago of the Senkaku Islands, which the Chinese call Diaoyu. Sino-Japanese relations have been complicated since in 2012 the Japanese government bought from a private Japanese owner of three of these five Islands, which Beijing considered Chinese territory.


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